PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 12/16/19 (Christmas Ear Headbands Are Sold Out, Big Top Souvenirs Still Closed, A Horrible Plastic Sign, and More)

Hello from Magic Kingdom! It’s a gorgeous day, and we’re soaking in all of this sunshine after the dreary weather we’ve had in Central Florida the past few days. With only ten days left until Christmas, the holiday crowds seem to have subsided. But we are 99.9% sure they’ll return the week of Christmas.

Taking the monorail into the park, we got a nice view of the front entrance construction. Framework has been laid for concrete to be poured around the planters.

When looking at the new structure near the front entrance, we noticed green panels and a theming accent have been installed.

A decorative gabled dormer has been added to the roofline, and bases have been added to the structure’s posts.

The enclosed section of the building now has all of its exterior wall panels installed.

Once in the park, our first stop this morning was Uptown Jewelers. We noticed the Coach ear headbands have been restocked. They previously sold out within a week of being released in the park.

Across the street in the Emporium, we discovered a new two-sided sequin youth top. The top is Arendelle Aqua, has cuffed sleeves, and features Cinderella Castle on the front.

We decided to test out the sequin flipping. It didn’t go too well.

The design makes it difficult for some of the sequins to flip, leaving this awkward mess at the castle’s spire.

We like the lettering in this embroidery work. The top retails for $29.99.

The 2020 merchandise just keeps coming! Packs of 2020 pens have arrived. The set includes six pens featuring the Fab 5 with Chip and Dale.

The pack of pens costs $17.99.

If you’re looking for Christmas ear headbands in Magic Kingdom, you won’t find them. The whole park is completely sold out.

The holiday displays where the Christmas ears once hung have been filled with red bow sequin Minnie ear headbands.

We found this sale on blind box pins in Curtain Call. But strangely, it wasn’t posted in any other shops throughout Magic Kingdom.

Work continues on TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

In the show building, a large ride element has been wrapped in white material.

Contained areas of concrete have been poured.

It appears that not too much work has happened around the coaster’s launch section since the retaining walls were installed.

These mysterious construction walls are still outside of Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

We spotted a piece of wood sticking out from behind the worksite’s gray material.

Big Top Souvenirs remains closed after last week’s fire. Today, a cast member from the store was positioned outside to answer any questions from guests.

In this week’s edition of “Magic Kingdom Printed Signs That Annoy Us,” we have this menu from Liberty Square Market. There has apparently been issues getting this plastic sign to stay in place. It’s been haphazardly attached to its base.

Some deteriorating cork pokes through the area left exposed by the ill-set sign.

Hmmm… look at those bends, waves, and bubbles.

At the walkway connecting Frontierland and Adventureland, two of the posts are undergoing refurbishment. They’re boxed off, hidden from guests’ view.

We wish someone would look at us the way this lady is looking at Shaker. So much love!

Well, that completes our day at the Magic Kingdom! We hope you enjoyed following our adventure. Make sure to check WDWNT for more photo reports and news from all of the Disney Parks.