PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 11/30/19 (Christmas Decor, Refurbishments, Holiday Snacks, and More)

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 11/30/19 (Christmas Decor, Refurbishments, Holiday Snacks, and More)

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo Disneyland 11/30/19 (Christmas Decor, Refurbishments, Holiday Snacks, and More)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Tokyo Disneyland! The holidays are my favorite time, despite the cold. Unlike Elsa, the cold does bother me anyway, unfortunately. But, the beautiful decorations and jolly spirit makes me feel like it’s rather worth it. So, let’s take a stroll around Tokyo Disneyland and admire the beauty of the holiday season!

Disney Resort Line/Main Entrance

TDR PR112819 1

The Disney Resort Line is all set up with a lovely photo op, even featuring presents! There’s a lovely tree and wreath for you to pose in front of.

TDR PR112819 42

The new Mickey floral even features an adorable santa hat!

TDR PR112819 5 scaled

The main entrance is also decked out with garland and signage celebrating the season! I love the banners they put up along the columns.

Within the Park

TDR PR112819 6 scaled

TDR PR112819 7

The grand Christmas tree is up at the center of World Bazaar! This is the first time since 2017, since the Celebration Tower was here last year. New this year is the tree syncing up with the two special projection shows at night.

TDR PR112819 8

Several shop windows feature lovely displays to celebrate the season! Can I take this home on December 26th?

TDR PR112819 9

It’s a bit rainy, but everyone still wants to watch Dreaming Up! for some reason. I mean, it’s absolutely fantastic. See the castle back there? You can learn exactly what’s going on in our construction update from earlier this week.

TDR PR112819 14

As the weather has cooled (it was 41 degrees today!), the vending machines have started to offer warm bottles of green tea and royal milk tea. This is actually a common thing in Japan, where almost all vending machines can switch between serving hot or cold beverages throughout the year. Need a hot cocoa but there’s no convenience stores nearby? Seek out a vending machine!

TDR PR112819 15

TDR PR112819 16

Here at Tokyo Disneyland, the Country Bear Christmas Special lives on in the form of the Jingle Bell Jamboree! You can still join Henry, Teddi Barra, and all your favorite bear friends in a celebration of the holidays!

TDR PR112819 17

In Westernland, the centerpiece decoration features Woody and Jessie advertising a fictional “Christmas Corral”! Even the toys love to get in the spirit of the season.

TDR PR112819 18

What a lovely view, right? There’s a nice and easy way to get this view of the Mark Twain.

TDR PR112819 19

Except for today, where I had to strain for this view. As it turns out, the rope barrier was broken through and the planters are covering the damage. This will only be broken for a couple of days, I’m sure.

TDR PR112819 20

Never been on The Haunted Mansion: Holiday Nightmare over at the Disneyland Resort? Well, you can experience the version that almost made it to Florida here at Tokyo Disneyland! The special overlay lasts through January 5th, so hurry to Tokyo and experience it!

TDR PR112819 21

Alice’s Tea Cups is currently under refurb through Monday, but the attraction itself has still been open to be seen. Maybe the work is only being done after park close?

TDR PR112819 22

As I enjoyed my journey around Tokyo Disneyland, Dreaming Up! was on its way through the park. I was able to say hi to Hiro and Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6! I’d love to be the Cast Member that stands on Baymax’s back. But I’m curious why one of the major Asian characters is not a face character at Tokyo Disney Resort.

TDR PR112819 27

Toontown is decked up and down with incredible decorations. Almost every lamp post has a scarf and a Santa Mickey hat!

TDR PR112819 28

TDR PR112819 29

TDR PR112819 30

TDR PR112819 31

The Disney friends have all decorated their homes to celebrate the season! Goofy’s front yard features a paint can Christmas tree, Mickey and Minnie both have adorable themed yards, and Donald’s Boat has a MASSIVE stocking with his Christmas list. I love the little holiday touches!

TDR PR112819 32

And downtown Toontown has garland and little holiday touches all over! Notice the little gloves holding ornaments and lights. It’s an incredible spectacle at night.

TDR PR112819 33

Space Mountain is closed for refurbishment through December 20th. On the bright side, the structure itself still lights up in sync with the area loop at night! It’s a shame that one of the park’s headliner E-ticket attractions is down for a particularly busy season, but maintenance is always paramount here!

TDR PR112819 34

We’re just over two weeks from One Man’s Dream II: The Magic Lives On closing. This long-running show has been going since 2004, and it features scenes reminiscent of classic Disney films. I’m excited to see this show go, honestly. I think it’s terribly boring, and I can’t wait for It’s Very Minnie! to come for Very Very Minnie in January.

TDR PR112819 35

Back in World Bazaar, if you enter through Center Street, you can see the garland stretching overhead. This used to go down Main Street as well, but they’ve been eliminated to accommodate the projection shows.


TDR PR112819 11

This ornament is available at Adventureland’s Cristal Arts. Since the park isn’t selling anything other than a wooden ornament set, I would consider going for this one. It’s only ¥2200, or $20.09.

TDR PR112819 12

Or you can have this cute Mickey statuette that celebrates the holiday season for ¥5300, or $48.39.

TDR PR112819 36

Ah, the ever-elusive Tokyo Disney Resort hoodie. I’ve featured this item before, but it tends to be so popular that I figured I’d show it off once again! I actually own one of these, and I can attest to how comfy and warm it keeps me. And for ¥3900, or $35.61, it can be yours too!

TDR PR112819 37

Looking for an ugly Christmas sweater? Look no further than at Town Center Fashions for this Mickey-themed number! But try not to let your eyes water at the price tag, or you could have a wet sweater. And nobody likes a wet sweater in the winter. At ¥5900, or $53.87, you may have to brace your wallet beforehand.

TDR PR112819 38

TDR PR112819 39

If you’re like me and enjoy the ritual of advent calendars, you can pick up this Tokyo Disney Resort version at every omiyage shop for ¥1500, or $13.70. I’ve got one in my apartment, and I can’t wait to try these snack samples over the holiday season!

TDR PR112819 40

TDR PR112819 41

Or if you’re a gingerbread house, we have something a bit similar. For ¥1400, or $12.78, you can get this chocolatey house with neat Mickey, snowman, and gingerbread designs all around! After all, the holidays are a perfect time to satisfy your sweet tooth.

And that’s this week at Tokyo Disneyland! I love the Christmas season at Disney Parks, and I feel like Tokyo Disneyland really brings its top game! What was your favorite part of the season so far? Are you coming to Tokyo for the holidays? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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