PHOTO: The Timekeeper (Le Visionarium), Space Mountain, 20,000 Leagues, and Ratatouille Collector Keys Coming to Disneyland Paris

It’s just been announced that four new limited edition collector keys will be arriving in 2020 at Disneyland Paris; The Timekeeper (Le Visionarium), Space Mountain, 20,000 Leagues, and Ratatouille.

Disneyland Paris Limited Edition Collectable Keys

The release dates for these keys will be staggered throughout the year, with the edition size mirroring the opening year of each attraction.

  • Ratatouille: February (2014 pieces)
  • Le Visionarium (The Timekeeper): March (1992 pieces)
  • 20,000 Leagues: April (1994 pieces)
  • Space Mountain: June (1995 pieces)

The Ratatouille key, for Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, or Ratatouille: The Adventure, features the logo for Gusteau’s restaurant as the bow of the key with the tip being the ride vehicle from the attraction itself.

The key commemorating The Timekeeper has the bow of the key as The Timekeeper himself, in a clock face with dates and times surrounding him.

Next, we have the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea key with the giant squid wrapping itself around the emblem of the Nautilus with the tip of the key being the iconic submarine itself.

The key on the far right commemorates the original Space Mountain that opened at Disneyland Paris (named De la Terre à la Lune- From the Earth to the Moon), themed upon Jules Verne’s novel, From the Earth to the Moon.

The commemorative keys are hugely popular at Disneyland Paris, with the previous release being for Phantom Manor selling out very quickly, despite a 2 per person purchase limit.

Credit to Twitter user @DLPReport for this information.