PHOTOS: Innoventions West Demolition Expands Across Building Facade in Future World at EPCOT

Demolition on the former Innoventions West building at EPCOT appears to be progressing rapidly. Ever since the roof of Fountain View came down, demolition has focused on the building’s interior and exterior trim. Views on the ground of Future World reveal that even more of the building’s facade has been demolished, leaving a barren, dilapidated building in plain sight of guests.

To the left of where the former Fountain View Starbucks once stood, you can see that the rest of the colorful roof panels have been removed, leaving just bare framework.

With the building gutted, you can now see through to the other end of the building.

Red protective sleeves line the wires of the Pin Central Canopy while work continues in the area.

Up close, the sight is pretty jarring, with metal shards of framework dangling from the infrastructure.

The next step will likely be to remove the remainder of this roof overhang.

Over by the side of the building, you can see where additional roof panels have also been removed, offering a reverse look into the empty building.

This entire area of Future World is slated to become a part of the new World Celebration neighborhood once the transformation of EPCOT is complete.

If you’re among the guests who bemoan the loss of Fountain View Starbucks, a new temporary location will open soon along the Rose Walk path.

What do you think about the large-scale demolition and construction currently taking place throughout EPCOT?

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