Imagination landscaping 12/2/19 2

PHOTOS: New Landscaping Work Begins Near the Imagination Pavilion at EPCOT

If you walk over by the Imagination! Pavilion and Journey Into Imagination with Figment, you might see something interesting going on. No, that’s not your imagination, there is actually something happening to the landscaping behind these construction walls that have been up for over a month.

We first noticed the walls in mid October and figured they must be planning to do something with the landscaping in the area. Nothing was touched, changed, moved around, or updated for the longest time.

Imagination landscaping 12/2/19 1

Today, as we were walking by on the regular park loop, we saw that what used to be grass and red shrubbery is now flat dirt and scattered with orange plastic construction barriers.

Imagination landscaping 12/2/19 2

Imagination landscaping 12/2/19 3

Black plastic lining has also been added around the inner border of the area.

Imagination landscaping 12/2/19 6 Imagination landscaping 12/2/19 5 Imagination landscaping 12/2/19 4

One construction digger is visible above the green walls. It seems to have done its job of pulling up the old plants quite well! It is still unknown what work will be done here, but the area may be seeing some changes as this section of the park is eventually transformed into World Nature, with neighboring World Celebration and the Festival Pavilion just nearby.

Keep checking back with WDW News Today for more updates on the new landscaping and construction in this area.

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