PHOTOS: Monorail Black Debuts New Red Deltas and Sleek Interior at Walt Disney World

The potential new monorail fleet may still be some time away, but for now, we have some newly refurbished monorails to tide us over. So far, we’ve seen Monorail Green and Monorail Silver get the refurb treatment, but now Monorail Black has debuted an all-new interior, plus some snazzy red deltas painted onto its exterior.

We spotted the “new” Monorail Black running on the Express Line between the Transportation and Ticket Center and the Magic Kingdom.

Monorail Black received a fresh coat of paint and a new interior. Let’s take a look inside this newly refurbished monorail train!

The interior is totally redone, gone are the teal seats and wall carpet.

Even the floor and the paneling on and by the wall of the train were redone.

New warning signs were installed for the doors. Gone are the temporary stickers seen on the other monorail trains.

Cast Members also informed us that these newly installed seats are slightly cushier than the ones on the refurbished Monorail Silver and Monorail Green.

What do you think of the refreshed interior of Monorail Black?

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