The Haunted Mansion Closing for Extensive Refurbishment at Disneyland in January 2020

Jessica Figueroa

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The Haunted Mansion Closing for Extensive Refurbishment at Disneyland in January 2020

Jessica Figueroa

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The Haunted Mansion Closing for Extensive Refurbishment at Disneyland in January 2020

It has been announced that The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Park will be closing for a months-long refurbishment in 2020 after the classic attraction wraps up its season of the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay and a fabulous 50th Anniversary celebration.


According to the OC Register, The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland will undergo a two-month refurbishment in early 2020 as opposed to its usual two- to three- week refurbishment to switch over from Haunted Mansion Holiday. The overlay causes a lot of residual damage to the interior and exterior of the attraction, so after a few years, it’s necessary to close the attraction for a few months.

The refurb will begin starting January 21st and marks the third attraction at Disneyland to be going under for refurbishment in the coming year. Earlier this month, Snow White’s Scary Adventures was announced to be undergoing refurbishment in January as well.

January 20th will be the last day to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday, which is set to return for its 19th season in September 2020. The Haunted Mansion will return sometime in Spring 2020 with new paint and trim on the exterior, plus improved lighting and mechanical work on the inside of the attraction. No visual changes are planned during the refurbishment.

14 thoughts on “The Haunted Mansion Closing for Extensive Refurbishment at Disneyland in January 2020”

  1. No complaints about it being closed down. It’s stopped mid-ride multiple times, in one ride, over the 10 months I’ve been going.

    • It typically shuts down when people are having difficulty boarding or unboarding the Doom buggies. Not the rides fault usually.

    • If there was anyone using a wheelchair or walker they have to stop it for them to get off the ride and on

  2. I was really hoping to visit this winter since we’ve moved to AZ and we’re relatively close, but I think this just sealed it. With snow white and haunted mansion (and probably splash) shut down for refurbishments I don’t see how it’ll be worth going.

  3. Good!!! Perhaps this will give them the chance to get rid of the Oogie Boogie nonsense, and go back to the classic Haunted Mansion. The Tim Burton look was a huge mistake!

    • They do Haunted Mansion Holiday every year with the Nightmare before Christmas crossover. It’s not like it’s new this year. It’s only for Halloween to Christmas, the rest of the year it’s normal.

    • Until Disney returns the “holiday overlay” of the Haunted Mansion to its “original timeline” (early October to early January), I absolutely REFUSE to go to Disneyland!!!!! I used to ALWAYS go to Disneyland in September when the weather was perfect, the crowds were light, and all of the rides were available IN THEIR ORIGINAL STATE!!!!! But then a few years ago, some moron(s) at Disney decided that Disneyland should have “Halloween parties” in September; therefore, Haunted Mansion has to be closed down in late August in order to be “transformed” in time (and I think some other rides have to shut down as well because of the Halloween season approaching)!!!!! So if somebody from Disney is reading my feedback, please do the RIGHT thing and keep the ORIGINAL Haunted Mansion open until at least the middle of September so I can come back again and spend lots of money and totally enjoy myself!!!!!

      • You are entitled to your opinion, but just because you don’t like or agree with something doesn’t mean it needs to stop… Nightmare Before Christmas fits with the Haunted Theme, and it is enjoyed by millions of people! If you don’t like it, go during none Holiday seasons…

    • Probably not. I think in order to replace that glass, they would have to take apart the whole wall. Covering up with a fake spider web is clearly the way to go here.

  4. I am going to Disneyland on March 13th through the 14th, for a school band trip. Is it possible that the HM will be open then? I really want to go on it, because every time I’m at Disneyland, it is decorated as HMH…

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