PHOTOS: New Futuristic World Discovery Light Poles Installed Near Innoventions East at EPCOT

innoventions east pathway lighting 12-28-19 - 4
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Big changes are happening throughout Epcot, but if you look closely, even small ones are taking place throughout as areas––or neighborhoods, as they’ll soon be known––transform along with the rest of the park. In October, the Imagination! Pavilion at EPCOT elevated its lighting game with new, futuristic light poles. Now, it looks like the walkway by Innoventions East is about to have its turn as this side of Future World is redesigned into World Discovery.

innoventions east pathway lighting 12-28-19 - 4

A row of the lights now lines the walkway under construction behind MouseGear (on the Test Track side). Though each neighborhood will have its own distinctive feel, it’s great to see the front of the park getting some consistency. The LED lights are designed with white steel and a long vertical beam of light.

innoventions east pathway lighting 12-28-19 - 3

To give you a sense a place for where this walkway is located: Test Track is in the background of this photo to the right.

epcot new pathway - 12-28-19

From another angle, you can see the pathway and lighting on the right of this photo. The bridge from the Odyssey Pavilion is on the left.

innoventions east pathway lighting 12-28-19 - 1

Through the scrim on this fence, we can see construction — like welding — is active.

innoventions east pathway lighting 12-28-19 - 6

innoventions east pathway lighting 12-28-19 - 2

The row of light fixtures will definitely give the front of EPCOT a very modern feel!

This is what the finished product looks like on the other side of EPCOT in the Imagination! Pavilion.

Do little details like these make you excited for the future of EPCOT?

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