PHOTOS: Latest Construction Update for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT (La Crêperie de Paris Facade, Remy Courtyard Fountain, and More) 12/23/19

Bonjour from EPCOT’s France pavilion expansion project! It seems every day there is something new added to the massive France pavilion expansion, which features a courtyard inspired by the iconic architecture of Parisian neighborhoods like Place Dauphine and Boulevard Haussmann. As we flew past on the Disney Skyliner over the last week, we saw all kinds of exciting updates. Let’s check it out the developments since our last update.

Thanks to the recent rains, activity at the site was quiet. However, we could see clearly what work remains on the site. Over by the entrance to the expansion, painting has begun on the lower half of the wall on the side.

Work continues on the pavement and landscaping, as well.

Over in La Crêperie de Paris, we can finally see the beginnings of what will be the exterior of the building and its facade.

Additionally, the pathway out front is nearly finished.

France expansion 12/19/19 2

While the main walkway to the expansion is complete with concrete and trees, the rest of the area still needs to be filled in.

France expansion 12/19/19 1

The next sections surrounding the area with new concrete have been prepared with wood framing. Facade work continues up on the main building as false windows and shutters are sculpted into the plain concrete building. Paint has also been gradually added to these areas to really dress it up.

Just beyond the entrance to the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, we can see the foundation has been poured for a new water fountain, with utility lines rising from the middle.

This new fountain will resemble the one found at La Place de Rémy in Disneyland Paris. The fountain itself is based on one found in Place des Vosges—only this time, there are rat heads (instead of lion heads) spouting water, and overflowing champagne bottles.

EPCOT France pavilion expansion 12/16/19 6

On the roof of the La Crêperie de Paris restaurant, many advances have been made.

France expansion 12/19/19 12

Black roofing material has been added all over the top of the restaurant, where corrugated metal sheets once were. It also looks like some duct work has been done with square boxes sticking out of the top of the building.

Work continues on the metal framework outside of the entrance. A whole second level of the covering has been added to the top. It now matches the extended queue for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure quite nicely.

Work on the facades above the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction building also is nearing completion.

EPCOT France pavilion expansion 12/16/19 10

EPCOT France pavilion expansion 12/16/19 17

Scrim remains up on much of the other portions of building as more facade details are added to give a true Parisian look and feel.

The restrooms (to the left) are nearing completion, as well.

From backstage, we can see how expansive the area has become.

By seeing the construction and looking at this concept art, we can really imagine how amazing this new area will be once it’s open!

With so much going on in this new expansion, you’ll want to make sure you check back in with WDW News Today soon to see what we find next time.