PHOTOS: New Baby Yoda and “The Mandalorian” MagicBands, Phone Cases Arrive at Walt Disney World

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It’s no surprise that “Baby Yoda” has taken over the Internet since its debut in the premiere episode of “The Mandalorian” on Disney+. With fans eager for merchandise, we’ve already seen the first rollout of items that can be purchased online, such as the customizable items on shopDisney. It seems The Child has finally made its way onto D-Tech stations, which are now offering up even more merchandise featuring the Internet’s latest fascination.

The Child On Board Magnet – $15.00

The Child On Board Magnet - $15.00

This is a great change to all of the “Baby on Board” magnets that are shown on cars. This way you can support your love for Star Wars and keep your baby as protected as the Mandalorian is over “Baby Yoda”.

My Child Can Levitate Your Child Magnet – $15.00

My Child Can Levitate Your Child Magnet - $15.00

This magnet asserts that your child is much more gifted than all the others, due to their midichlorian count in order to wield the Force.

The Mandalorian and IG-11 MagicBand – $24.99

The Mandalorian and IG-11 MagicBand - $24.99

This MagicBand features the Mandalorian and the IG-11 droid in full character profiles.

The Mandalorian and IG-11 MagicBand - $24.99

Various background colors of your MagicBand make the artwork pop differently.

The Child MagicBand – $24.99

The Child MagicBand - $24.99

This adorable design features various images of The Child, and the frogs that they like to eat.

The Child MagicBand - $24.99

You can see “Baby Yoda” here in his carrier, full profile and just images of his head, while little frogs fill in the blanks in space.

Protect, Attack, Snack The Child MagicBand – $24.99

Protect, Attack, Snack The Child MagicBand - $24.99 

This MagicBand features the meme style here, showing off the Child’s three main objectives of the day, other than being cute.

Protect, Attack, Snack The Child MagicBand - $24.99 

The Star Wars logo appears on the other side of the band, while the artwork stands out differently based on the band color.

Protect, Attack, Snack The Child Phone Case – $29.99

Protect, Attack, Snack The Child Phone Case - $29.99 

This art style continues on as we see here on this phone case, but allows you to see the drawings of the Child better as they are enlarged in this design.

“The Mandalorian” Phone Case – $29.99

"The Mandalorian" Phone Case - $29.99

This phone case design shows off the Mandalorian watching over the Child in their carrier. This looks similar to some of the concept art that is shown after this episode aired, with the sunset and the desert sprawled out behind them.

IG-11 Phone Case – $29.99

IG-11 Phone Case - $29.99

In case you’re a fan of the droids, there’s a phone case for you. This IG-11 droid is shown here, prepared and ready for battle.

The Mandalorian Phone Case – $29.99

The Mandalorian Phone Case - $29.99

This phone case gives off strong vibes of the 70’s and 80’s Star Wars original trilogy poster artwork here. The watercolor art style works really well here to make the Mandalorian stand out.

The Mandalorian Helmet Phone Case – $29.99

The Mandalorian Helmet Phone Case - $29.99

If you’ve been watching along, you know how important the helmet is to the Mandalorian, and how crucial it is that it’s never removed. Here you can see it, slightly battered up, but still shiny as if cast in the Beskar steel.

What do you think of these new “The Mandalorian” and “Baby Yoda” options at D-Tech stations? Will you be customizing your accessories with Beskar steel or will you be opting for the cutest child in the Star Wars universe?

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Grace Brady
Grace Brady

Will these be available on shopdisney do you think?


The Child designs for the phone cases are also available at Disneyland in the Launch Bay or Star Traders too! Just ordered and got one for my best friend!