PHOTOS: New Vegetarian Set Coming to Tokyo Disneyland’s Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

One of the most notable plus-sides of Tokyo Disney Resort are the ever-changing menus. Unless something becomes a true staple, items tend to rotate in and out every now and then. Unfortunately, very rarely do these changes benefit Guests with dietary restrictions like vegans or vegetarians. As far as I’m aware, actually, there’s no vegan dishes on property. And vegetarian dishes are hard to come by, with choices mostly being curry or noodle bowls. So seeing a new vegetarian set on the upcoming menus made me very excited! Let’s take a look at the Vegetarian Set coming to Camp Woodchuck Kitchen on January 9th!

Vegetarian Set – ¥1200 ($10.96)

With all of the plant-based options now at Walt Disney World, it really is nice to see Tokyo begin to get aboard the health trend. This new set will feature a vegetable soup (hopefully more vegetable than those we’ve seen with meat), a salad, French fries, and your choice of soft drink. This stands in rather stark contrast to the other meat-based options at Camp Woodchuck Kitchen. But I’d be willing to give it a shot!

Aside from curry or vegetable noodle dishes at both parks, vegetarians have a bit of a rough time eating here. Japan doesn’t really take dietary restrictions well in general. Substitutions or reductions on menus aren’t really commonplace, you just eat what you’re served or pick it off yourself. That being said, I’m excited to see this new vegetarian dish, and look forward to trying it on January 9th! If you want to try yourself, trek on down to Camp Woodchuck Kitchen after January 9th. You never know, it might be awesome!

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