Main Street Philharmonic 12/24/19 2

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 12/26/19 (Main Street Philharmonic Appreciation, New Redd Minnie Ears, and More)

Good morning from a chilly and drizzly Magic Kingdom! It’s feeling super Christmasy around here and we can’t wait to swing through the park and see what’s up!

Magic Kingdom security 12/24/19 2

First we checked in on the new Magic Kingdom entrance construction. It looks like the new security screening area should be fully finished and have the final construction walls removed soon!

Magic Kingdom security 12/24/19 1 Park Life Keychain 12/24/19 1

In The Emporium, we found a few fun goodies like this “Park Life” keychain for $9.99.

Park Life Coin Holder 12/24/19 1

This “Park Life” pressed coin book is adorable and a great souvenir at $14.99.

Park Life Coin Holder 12/24/19 2 Park Life Coin Holder 12/24/19 3 Park Life Coin Holder 12/24/19 4 Redd Minnie ears 12/24/19

We also spotted the Redd Minnie ears! They debuted at Disneyland a few days ago and we just think they’re too cute! They are the regular $29.99 Minnie ear price tag.

Silver Kate Spade 12/24/29

This silver and white Kate Spade collection is back in stock at Uptown Jewelers.

Main Street Philharmonic 12/24/19 1

We caught the Main Street Philharmonic blasting Christmas tunes and some nutcracker soldiers getting down.

Huey Dewey and Louie 12/24/19 1

Huey Dewey and Louie 12/24/19 2 Huey Dewey and Louie 12/24/19 3 Buzz Lightyear ride 12/24/19

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Haunted Mansion both had crazy long lines today!

Haunted Mansion line 12/24/19 1 Haunted Mansion line 12/24/19 2 TRON 12/24/19 1

We checked in on TRON construction and saw a ton of new material sitting around. Looks like we’ll be seeing some big progress soon!

Friar’s Nook Breakfast sign 12/24/19

In case you missed it, Friar’s Nook now has breakfast. And it looks pretty dang delicious.

Main Street Philharmonic 12/24/19 2

We ran into the Main Street Philharmonic again! This time right in front of Cinderella Castle! We also overheard a dad have to explain to his son that the players are not animatronics.

Monorail line 12/24/19 2

On our way out of the parks for the day we saw this massive and packed line to get onto the Magic Kingdom monorail. Looks like the misty rain kept some people away this morning and they’re all flooding in now!

Monorail line 12/24/19

That’s all for today’s spin around the Magic Kingdom! Check back with WDW News Today for even more daily updates in your favorite Disney World parks.

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