PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 12/26/19 (Rise of the Resistance Crowds, Rosie’s Victory Garden Vegetables, Post-Christmas Decorations, and More)

Good morning from a cold and foggy Hollywood Studios! On the day after Christmas, we decided to take a stroll over to the park to see what was new.

As we arrived, it became quickly apparent that the crowds were here to ride Rise of the Resistance.

The crowds grew so large behind the turnstiles, they started letting guests in to the park before the 6am park opening.

Once inside, everyone waited on their phones to get boarding groups when the clock hit 6:00am.

Over in front of the Chinese Theatre, cast members were directing guests to the right for Toy Story Land and to the left for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The crowds were rushing to get to their boarding groups.

Less than 30 minutes after the park had opened, the line for Smugglers Run was already so long that it reached all the way to the main entrance to Galaxy’s Edge.

Meanwhile, a Resistance fighter and a Wookiee were hard at work on the Blue Squadron X-Wing.

Guests inside the Batuu market, guests hustled in and out of the shops while waiting for their boarding groups to be called.

The line for Smugglers Run was indeed popular early in the morning.

Guests exiting Batuu into Toy Story Land were greeted by signs letting them know this was an exit only for the time being.

Elsewhere in the park, the beauty of the Christmas decorations continued to shine.

The sounds from the rope pull in front of Indiana Jones were not working when we stopped by. While you could hear the generic digging sounds from inside the cave, pulling on the rope did nothing.

Over on Sunset Blvd., the fog provided an eerie backdrop for Tower of Terror.

On the Fantasmic! billboard, we noticed a green pixel that was out right above the dragon’s head.

The new information boards in front of Rock N Roller Coaster let guests know what boarding groups were being called for Rise of the Resistance.

Surprisingly, Christmas Day pins were still available inside Sunset Ranch Pins and Souvenirs.

If you’re still looking for the Christmas Tree or Holiday Alien popcorn buckets, there are plenty left throughout the park.

With Christmas over, Santa has gone back to the North Pole, leaving his meet and greet area inside Once Upon a Time empty.

Another cool morning meant more sweaters and hoodies for sale inside the stores.

Did you know that the Flying Tigers logo was created by the Walt Disney Company in WWII? You can see an example of this insignia hanging on the wall next to Catalina Eddie’s next time you’re in the park.

Winter in Florida means peak produce season. The Victory Garden was the perfect place to see that today.

Peppers and Lettuce were growing well in the garden’s bed.

Along the wall, Muscadine Grapes continued to grow.

Santa Gertie is still in the holiday mood.

If you caught the breeze just right, you might be forgiven for mistaking this for real snow.

The crowds were non-existent over inside It’s A Wonderful Shop.

The cast member inside said yesterday was the emptiest the store had been all year.

Over at PizzeRizzo, the heater lamps were turned on for guests to warm up.

The upstairs dining area was also open, giving us a great view of the Muppet-Vision 3D courtyard.

As we left the park, we noticed numerous signs all around notifying guests that all boarding groups had been distributed for Rise of the Resistance already.

Guests at both ends of the Skyliner route were also greeted by these signs.

That does it for our visit to Hollywood Studios today. Stay tuned to WDWNT for the latest parks news.

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