REVIEW: Frosting Loaded Merry Menagerie Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 6

REVIEW: Frosting Loaded Merry Menagerie Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 6

REVIEW: Frosting Loaded Merry Menagerie Cupcake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

As we started our day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we popped into the Creature Comforts Starbucks and picked up a new Merry Menagerie cupcake!

The cupcake pairs with the new Merry Menagerie puppet entertainment and decorations in the park this Christmas season. Guests can find Cast Members with beautiful puppets of cold weather animals toward the entrance of the park.

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 1

This cupcake comes from a cooler case and is enclosed in a pretty big plastic container to help protect all that frosting! Priced at $5.99 you can already tell this treat is a good value.

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 11

Out of the container you can really see just how much cream cheese frosting is piled on to this cupcake. Sugar sprinkles and edible glitter also cover the top.

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 9

Around the edge of the cupcake there is white cream cheese frosting covered in white sugar sprinkles and glitter to make a kind of border. Inside the border there is light blue cream cheese frosting with matching blue sugar sprinkles and more edible glitter. On top of all the frosting and sprinkles is a little white chocolate polar bear sitting on his little cupcake iceberg perch. He is covered in more edible glitter and some blue stripes. Behind our polar bear friend are two fondant snowflakes.

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 5

We took our little chocolate polar bear buddy to meet his inspiration! Aren’t they so cute together!?

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 6 Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 15

After pulling off the wrapper you can see that the cake is a brownish orange and looks totally delicious.

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 16

From the cross section you can really get a better idea of how much frosting is piled on top! Our warning: while you chow down on this cupcake, be aware of how you set it down. All that frosting makes it top heavy and you might see your treat go tumbling if you don’t keep an eye on it!

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 17

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 18

From the first bite, we totally fell in love with this cupcake. The cream cheese frosting is smooth and creamy and incredibly sweet. It pairs well with the ginger spice cake underneath, which is moist and soft. The ginger spice flavor isn’t overbearing or overpowering. This dessert is truly an easy eat.

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 14

The white chocolate polar bear is a solid piece of chocolate and was quite tasty… even if we did feel a little guilty about biting into something so adorable. The fondant snowflakes were terrible with the texture of wet paper as they get chewed. Leave those as a cute decoration and pass them by as you munch on the cupcake.

Merry Menagerie cupcake 12/7/19 13

Another warning: this is definitely a treat to split with a friend. All that frosting is delicious but will quickly send you into a sugar coma! Regardless of that, the Merry Menagerie cupcake is delicious and is a must-eat while it is still around!

Will you be stopping by Creature Comforts for this precious and tasty treat this holiday season?

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