REVIEW: New Wookie Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich Is Too Chewy at Backlot Express, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Never underestimate a droid. Or a Wookiee, for that matter. Just in at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the new Wookie Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich, and since reviews are in for The Rise of Skywalker, we figured we’d add another divisive review to the mix.

“That’s no moon. That’s the latest treat to hit pastry cases outside of Galaxy’s Edge!”

The cookie was just added to the menu board today at Backlot Express, so you can swing by and grab one before or after heading into watch the new scenes for Star Tours or on your way to Rise of the Resistance once your boarding group is called. The cookie will run you 5.99 galactic credits. (You could always pay with your winnings from a game of Dejarik.)

The cookie is massive and comes topped with a familiar Chewbacca-themed chocolate piece.

Inside, it’s stuffed with soft, pillowy whipped marshmallow frosting.

It’s large enough to feed a small army of Wookiees from the Battle of Kashyyyk…

… or just enough to feed a very hungry Resistance pilot. The cookies in the sandwich are especially doughy, with a light frosting that probably could’ve used a hint of more sweetness. The only good bites here were with the chocolate piece, which doesn’t even stay on as you eat it.

wookie cookie sandwich

The cookie looked really good, so we were slightly disappointed in that the flavors fell flat here. You do get like two or three s’mores-esque bites with the chocolate, but the whole thing is a mess. A bit of cinnamon or some other kind of spice would’ve gone a long way here, since the cookies taste of plain, uncooked oatmeal.

If you’re looking for a large cookie to share with your ragtag crew of Resistance spies, this isn’t a terrible option, and while you should always let the Wookiee win, this cookie just doesn’t deserve a medal for its efforts.

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1 year ago

So basically, it’s a hunk of junk?