Disney Surveying Guests About Alternatives to Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World


Disney Surveying Guests About Alternatives to Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World


Disney Surveying Guests About Alternatives to Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World has distributed a survey to guests who received boarding groups to the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction, according to Twitter user @DrewDisneyDude. The survey asks a variety of questions, but one is particularly worth noting: Disney asks guests their preferred way to wait for their turn on the ride.

The question asks, “which of the following would have been your preferred choice in order to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance?” Guests can choose from these options:

  • The virtual queue system currently used
  • A combination of limited FastPass+ tickets and waiting in a standby line (similar to the current FastPass+ system)
  • Standby lines only
Image via Twitter user @DrewDisneyDude

For one WDW New Today staff member’s take on the issue, see his recent editorial about the boarding group system.

Another question addressed issues with the ride. Guests are asked about any challenges they experienced with “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.” These were the options:

Image via Twitter user @DrewDisneyDude.

There’s nothing worse than being asked your opinion without any followup from whomever asked, so we hope these surveys lead to improvements to the ride. While no system is perfect, there’s room for improvement when Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance boarding groups are gone within minutes and the attraction experiences consistent downtime. At least Disney seems to be listening!

20 thoughts on “Disney Surveying Guests About Alternatives to Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World”

  1. Anything would be better than virtual queues and it’s stupid they need to ask us what we’d prefer instead of making their own adjustments based on their own observations and complaints received.

  2. I tried to get boarding passes on 4 different days on my trip in December and was unable. I hope they fix it before I go back in July.

    • That’s some awful luck. I tried on 3 different days in December and had no trouble. Since they moved to releasing groups at park open, it is much easier.

  3. Personally, I would love a Standby line for Rise of the Resistance with the FastPass+ option. I feel as if currently, the Boarding Pass system is a giant FastPass+ system, but instead of skipping the wait, it’s the only option to ride Rise of the Resistance. I understand that a standby line would measure up to be 6 or 7 hours and there would be people who would still be upset by that, but I feel as if this option would please the most people. I believe that a First-Come-First-Serve system has worked for humanity and is the most fair way to do this. No relying on a smartphone to ride this attraction, only just to get a FastPass.

  4. At this point you’d think they have to go with stand by and Fast Passes right? Also i think they arent being smart with giving boarding passes to people that arrive before the designated park open time. if they want people to stop lining up early then dont reward them give them a later boarding pass and give people arriving at actual open time an early number boarding pass.

  5. Problem with the survey is it doesn’t anticipate the actual ramifications, thereby making guests speculate about wait times and FastPass availability, with different guests putting in different answers in their minds.
    Yes, I want option 2 (as long as there is 60 FP availability and lines under 90 minutes).
    Or yes, I want option 3 (as long as wait times are under 2 hours).

    How would the survey results be different If the question included the projected wait times?
    1- current boarding pass system
    2- FP+ with fps gone at 67 day mark and 5+ hour wait time
    3- standby only with 3+ hour average wait time

  6. My dream is that you would be able to select everything you’d like to ride in advance on the app (would have to be restricted to on-property guests to prevent people that don’t have confirmed trips from taking up spaces) and that the night before a system would assign everyone a schedule with virtual queues and you never wait more than 30 after your group is admitted. Sure, it takes the spontaneity out of the equation, but you get to ride everything you want and none of your time is wasted. Pipe dream.

    Whatever they changed since Christmas with the virtual queue needs to be rolled back. The weeks leading up to Christmas and even Christmas week you could get to the park 10-15 minutes before it opened, be inside in time for boarding groups, and normal groups didn’t fill up for hours. We rode it 4 times that week of Christmas and never got a boarding group after lunch…and usually rode it within an hour. Now you have non-holiday weeks where they are gone in minutes…something changed.

    • And in my “Utopia” of getting to ride everything you want by being scheduled, there would still be limited FastPasses for Resort and Non-resort guests and stand-by but they would attempt to push everyone to their virtual queue/park system. And it’s a win-win for Disney because the less time people spend waiting for a ride, the more time they have to eat and buy merchandise.

    • I don’t know what dream you were living in, but I also was there during Christmas week (December 16-26, to be exact) and couldn’t get a boarding group (regular or backup). By the time we got there, the signs were out saying that everything was gone.

      • We got there about 10 minutes before park open on the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 26th and rode it around 10-11am everyday *shrug*.

  7. I don’t mind boarding passes and love a virtual queue but hate the current process which isn’t an option in they survey. Starting the lottery at park opening is incredibly stressful and frustrating. Right now there’s too many technical problems with everyone vying for the passes all at once due to app crashes and server connections. I’d rather be able to join the lottery as soon as I enter the park, the system takes all entries by park opening and then assign passes.

  8. I think it would cut down on morning crowds if they used the virtual que but opened up groups at different times during the day. It would save the park from being way over crowded at 7am every morning, and still give people a fair opportunity to ride. Not sure how it would work, but it’s a thought. The simplist way is to go to the standard standby que with Fast Pass option. Then people without smart phones or families with kids who don’t want to wake them at 5am can still have an equal shot at riding.

  9. Most guests trying to get to Rise first thing in the morning would be *crazy*. I don’t envy the CMs who will handle it.

  10. Let’s hope for Standby only, but I’m sure that will never happen. Remember people, if they add FP it’s going to make you stand longer in standby. So if you get a Slinky dog FP and have to wait 2 hrs standby for RotR, vs a Slinky Dog FP and 4 hrs in RotR(because FP will double or triple standby) you likely won’t get on both rides.

  11. The fairest thing to do is to get rid of boarding passes and Fastpass+, and switch to Maxpass for all Disney parks. It is absolute the best system, and the fairest.

  12. It seems to me as if the first answer, “I prefer a virtual queue that allows me to do other things in the park” is a little biased. It’s obvious they want you to pick that option.

  13. in the case of the new high demand attractions have a limited number of Fast Pass but keep that on a level field where people staying on and off property have the same chance of obtaining a Fast Pass unlike the current Fast Pass system where if you arent staying on property you dont have a chance at the high demand Fast Pass

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