Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Unable to Accommodate Many Boarding Groups Today Due to Prolonged Downtime, Guests Given Park Tickets to Return

As we reported on earlier, Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ran out in record time this morning, with a number of guests unable to obtain Boarding Passes, and those who obtained Backup Boarding Groups unable to ride completely. However, for those who were able to obtain a later Boarding Pass, while they were unable to be accommodated onto the ride today, Disney has offered some freebies to accommodate them in the future.

One of our contributors was there this morning and managed to get Boarding Group 112 by 7:01 AM. Do note that our earlier estimates stated that all Boarding Groups ran out 23 minutes after park open. This includes all of the Backup Boarding Groups. Regular Boarding Groups were gone far sooner.

Guests in these later Boarding Groups have now received the following notification:

“Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate your boarding group. We apologize for the inconvenience. You will receive a FastPass+ valid tomorrow for any attraction including Rise of the Resistance, plus a complimentary 1-Day Disney’s Hollywood Studios-only ticket. Check your account for more information.”

While the FastPass+ for Rise of the Resistance is only available the following day, the complimentary park ticket to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is valid through January 2, 2022. Both have been automatically loaded onto My Disney Experience accounts for those who obtained a Boarding Pass who did not get to go on the attraction.

This differs from initial offers given during the grand opening of the attraction, where guests were given 1-Day Park Hopper tickets.

This is still surprisingly generous of Disney, especially since plenty of warning has been given that joining a boarding group does not guarantee the ability to experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

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  1. What an embarassment. They advertise to “Come ride our new ride!” and it’s nigh impossible to ride it, as it’s such low capacity and a piece of garbage that constantly breaks down.

  2. We were at the park at 6:30 and got boarding pass 144. We got nothing from Disney. Just a notice saying you won’t be boarding. Sad as we leave to go back to Canada tomorrow night. Will be sure to tell our social circle in Canada about the circus at Disney…warn them to go elsewhere for vacation.

  3. How about they just open the friggin regular line and if you ride it, you ride it and if it breaks it breaks. This system is beyond stupidity. If the ride wasn’t ready for guests it shouldn’t have opened in the first place. No theme park ride is worth waking up at 4am for.

  4. So what does it mean by “FastPass+ for Rise of the Resistance”? Does it mean that you can use the fastpass for this ride the next day without having to join the boarding group?

  5. Great you get the fast pass but the free studios ticket for 1 day is something Disney knows most people will never use. Annual Pass people dont care, people who plan and come for say a week and buy 7 day hoppers dont care, anyone from more that 100 miles from Orlando dont care.

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