PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 1/20/20 (Disney Skyliner Popcorn Buckets, Gateway Gifts Reopens, Sugar Art in China, Festival of the Arts Overview, and More)

We’re back at EPCOT again today, along with everyone else looking to explore the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. It’s a busy day, so we made sure to get to the park bright and early. As soon as we arrived, we decided to stop into the newly reopened Gateway Gifts.

The refurbishment was very quick, and only a few things changed. The flooring and registers are different, with a little bit more futuristic look. They match the recently refurbished Pin Traders and Camera Center.

It’s quiet now, but the crowds will be here soon.

As we made our way around the park, we stopped to admire some of the chalk art on the ground. There is 2D and 3D chalk art featuring a variety of characters and art. Of course, Bruni looks adorable.

The 3D chalk art photo op is designed to make you part of the image. The ground is marked with the perfect place to stand to take and pose for photos.




We started craving a snack and followed the smell of popcorn right to Fife and Drum Tavern in the American Adventure. An inaugural Disney Skyliner popcorn bucket is now available, featuring Mickey, Minnie, Chip, Dale and Pluto. This one is sure to be popular, especially being exclusive to Walt Disney World. After finishing our popcorn, we had a nice little storage gondola to carry our stuff for the rest of the day. These are $17 and can be refilled for $2 around the resort.

Chalk art characters are hidden around World Showcase. We spotted a few of them, but it seems new additions have been popping up since opening day.

Be sure to keep an eye out while traveling the countries. Who doesn’t love a little art scavenger hunt?

At this time, Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts and Barbecue is still surrounded by planters, and the sign still hasn’t been installed yet. We’re patiently waiting, Sam Eagle!

Since the festival is in full swing, Pizza Taglio won’t be open again until March 14 — just in time for the Spring Break crowds.

Over at the Painted Panda, the artisan cotton candy maker is trying his hand at a new style of sugary art. These beautiful animal sugar creations are $15. There’s even a fun wheel you can spin to see which animal you’ll get. What talent.

The living statues outside the temporary MouseGear are fun to watch.

One of the lamps outside of Starbucks is missing the top lantern portion.

Everyone is getting creative — even Stitch!

More tables and chairs have been set up inside the EPCOT Experience. It’s nice to have more space to sit, but it really ruins the photo op backgrounds.

We could hear beautiful music playing all around the entrance to World Showcase.

Should there be rain or bad weather, we were told this is a “rain stage” located in front of Test Track, which is currently closed for refurbishment.

Sunshine Seasons even has an artistic new seasonal cake that combines vanilla and peanut butter. We hope it tastes as good as it looks.

It’s been a long day, and now we’re feeling pretty inspired to go create our own art. We’re going to head out of here, but be sure to keep following for more updates!

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Dru Jones
Dru Jones
1 year ago

Is that the harp player that used to be in Animal Kingdom?