PHOTOS, VIDEO: Gateway Gifts Reopens After Brief Refurbishment (with Sign Still Intact!) at EPCOT

Gateway Gifts at EPCOT closed for a brief refurbishment earlier this week in order to even out the design elements and interior of the two stores flanking Spaceship Earth. Camera Center recently reopened with a similar new look, and it seems the same design choices were made for Gateway Gifts, with the exception of the exterior signage. That’s right, everyone’s retro favorite Gateway Gifts neon teal signage survived the refurbishment somehow. Here’s a look inside the store:

As you can see, the ground was repaved during the refurbishment. Rolling planters still line the outer edge of the store as more concrete is poured in the remainder of the pathway.

How the old Gateway Gifts sign survived, we don’t know, but it’s one of the last remaining vestiges of old EPCOT and we were thrilled to see it still standing this morning.

Once inside, you have the FuelRod machine still standing after having now lived through a number of remodels, store changes, and the great Swap Fee Crisis of 2019.

Sleek new illuminated registers have replaced the smaller, clunkier old ones.

You’ll also notice that the carpet has been replaced with these sleek, futuristic floors.

The assortment of merchandise remains about the same here, with the store carrying a variety of the latest must-have items like Spirit Jerseys and Minnie Ears.

Mannequins now stand on these hexagonal pedestals.

Probably the best part of this redesign is this full wall of plush, with plenty of Sleepy Figments in stock.

New display cases are set out similarly as they were before, with a central display and smaller trinket displays along the sides.

The Monorail art from the old store has also survived (albeit in purple), taking back its rightful place behind the right-hand registers.

The other end of the store features headgear and a wide assortment of Minnie Ears.

What do you think of the store’s new look? Do you think the old sign is here to stay for long?

You can check out a full video tour of the newly redesigned Gateway Gifts below!

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