PHOTOS: Sleepy Figment Dream Friend Plush Back in Stock at Walt Disney World

We got a nice surprise on this sleepy Sunday morning at Walt Disney World. The Sleepy Figment plush (part of the Dream Friends line) that debuted in summer 2019 is now back in stock!


Figments on Figments on Figments.


All these Figments make a beautiful sight!


As you might recall, the plush has detailed sculpting, embroidered features and orange plush wings, horns, claws and spine plates.


We took Figment on a photoshoot in July. Trust us: the article is a must-read. Actually, you might just want to file it away for days when you really need a smile.


Figment needs one more little spark of slumber before he can start the day.


We found Figment snoozing at the temporary MouseGear in EPCOT, where he retails for $34.99. As of this article’s publication time, he still wasn’t back in stock at shopDisney. Pick up your new snuggle buddy before he’s gone again.

Do you have any Dream Friends lounging on your bed at home?

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