PHOTOS, VIDEO: One Final Tour of EPCOT’s Gateway Gifts Before it Closes for Refurbishment


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PHOTOS, VIDEO: One Final Tour of EPCOT’s Gateway Gifts Before it Closes for Refurbishment


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PHOTOS, VIDEO: One Final Tour of EPCOT’s Gateway Gifts Before it Closes for Refurbishment

It would be hard to argue that all the changes coming to EPCOT aren’t exciting. Over the next few years, we’ll have new rides, restaurants, and experiences at the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

But change can also be a little rough. Just last week, we said goodbye to MouseGear as we know it. This morning, it is time for Gateway Gifts to undergo a smaller transformation.


For those of us who have at least a few years of Walt Disney World experience under our belts, Gateway Gifts is a comforting sight. Maybe it’s the first or last souvenir shop you visit at EPCOT. Or you may have spent considerable time staring at it while waiting to get on Spaceship Earth. We’ve all seen this shop, and today we’ll go on one final tour of how it looks before refurbishment.



You’ll see Gateway Gifts if you enter EPCOT toward the left side of Spaceship Earth. Like much of Future World, the building’s exterior features geometric shapes that architects in the ’80s apparently thought would be prevalent in the far-away future.


The interior is small, but packs a punch.

gateway-gifts-closing-2020-interior-9.jpg gateway-gifts-closing-2020-interior-8.jpg

There is always a nice mix of apparel, accessories and items for kids.

gateway-gifts-closing-2020-interior-7.jpg gateway-gifts-closing-2020-interior-6.jpg

As far as design, “green” was the name of the game. Green carpet, green walls, green ceiling, green merchandise and green shelving. We don’t know how extensive this refurbishment will be, but be prepared for Disney to pull back on the green.


But there is a little bit of purple, silver and blue, too.



We expect the FuelRod kiosk to be transferred across the breezeway to the Camera Center/Pin Traders while the refurbishment is completed.


They can repurpose this art, right? Maybe Disney’s Contemporary Resort has some open wall space?

gateway-gifts-closing-2020-interior-13.jpg gateway-gifts-closing-2020-interior-12.jpg

Gateway Gifts is a nice alternative to the larger MouseGear store, which has a great selection, but can also be overwhelming. Here, you can find a nice curated collection of gifts and must-haves.


Work will also be done right outside the store, and it might be soon.

gateway-gifts-closing-2020-concrete-1.jpg gateway-gifts-closing-2020-concrete-2.jpg

The concrete in front of the entrance has been scored — meaning we’ll see new concrete poured here in the coming weeks.


But now it’s time to highlight what you really came here for: the “Gateway Gifts” sign. We don’t know its fate, but we’re playing it safe and documenting it here.



We won’t say much, as the sign speaks for itself.



The strong font, green background, and orange, yellow and red lighting creates a sign that has it all. It really is the ultimate retro signage.



You can check out a full walking tour of Gateway Gifts in the video below:

Goodnight, Gateway Gifts! We’ll see you January 19.

Do you have any fond memories of Gateway Gifts? Let us know in the comments.

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