PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 1/24/20 (Taped-Up Vending Machines, Frozen Chalk Art, and Simply Goofy)

Good morning from a frigid EPCOT. An overnight cold front dropped temperatures in Central Florida, so we wrapped up in a jacket and headed to the parks.

Crowds as the park opened were light, but that would soon change.

Entering the park, we noticed that this Coke machine had been busted underneath the Monorail station. Instead of removing or replacing it, yellow duct tape has been used to hold it together.

The Seas with Nemo and Friends was bustling with activity as guests began to pour into the park.

Over at the sign warning guests of the ongoing Test Track refurbishment, a pin trading cone was out for traders during the day.

While the scrim covering the scaffolding is down, not much has visibly changed here at Test Track.

The EPCOT Experience was quickly becoming popular thanks to its warm air conditioning.

This Frozen chalk art seemed rather appropriate today at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts.

The Apopka High School jazz band was playing for guests this morning on the performing arts stage. We have to say, they did a pretty good job keeping us entertained while we waited for World Showcase to open.

“I’m the kind of the world!” – Goofy, probably.

Do you think these fishermen ever caught anything?

The line for breakfast was quite impressive over at Les Halles. The crowd stretched out through the store and outside the entrance.

At rope drop for World Showcase, many guests quite literally sprinted from France to America. Turns out they were all getting in line for the new Skyliner popcorn buckets.

We are going to grab one of these sweaters in Italy and warm up next to the fire.

That does it for our visit to EPCOT today. Thanks for following along as we bring you the latest Disney parks news.

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Proof Reader
Proof Reader
1 year ago

“warm air conditioning” is that Floridian for “heat”?

Also wondering if Goofy would want to be “king” of the world rather than “kind”, but hey, you do you, Goofy.

1 year ago

It always amazes me people rush to get those popcorn buckets. Believe me, folks, they have plenty in stock and they’ll still be available next week.