PHOTO REPORT: EPCOT 1/29/20 (New “Onward” Van Mug, Frozen Mezzo Mix Removed from Germany, Chalk Art, France Construction, and More)

Good morning from EPCOT. It’s a cloudy, overcast day, but we’re prepared to brighten things up with a little art.

We stopped and looked at some of the new 2D chalk art. Today is the perfect day for taking photos of the chalk art since there isn’t any sun creating shadows.

Let’s appreciate this Figment. And Baby Yoda hidden in the corner.

There’s a visible construction worker behind the walls in front of the future home of Space 220. Let’s hope they’re preparing the area to install some “out of this world” signage.

There’s a brand new mug for the new Disney PIXAR movie Onward. This mug might not be easy to drink from, but it’s full of detail for $19.99!

Ouch. The doorway to the old MouseGear looks a little rough.

Looking through the windows, we can see the gears are still safe, for now.

Let there be light! We spotted a crew out near the water, testing the torches. One by one, each torch was lit until they’d made their way around.

Watch out, birds!

The ground around the France Pavilion has been scored for removal. We should see some fresh pavement in this area soon.

The construction site in France is buzzing with activity.

The fences and railing are starting to be painted.

A truck in the back of France has some heavy equipment ready for installation.

Hello new friend. We played hide and squeak with a furry friend.

Our friends were hard at work on the Regal Eagle.

Frozen Mezzo Mix has been removed from the menu in Germany. We hope they’ll bring it back, maybe when the Florida winter is over.

Festival of the Arts face painting is currently being offered.

Celebrate the festival with these unique options.

I only paint my face with churro paint brushes.

Since it’s obvious I love snacks, let’s give the candy master a little credit for such talent.

With Test Track still currently under refurbishment, it seems like there are long lines for all the other attractions. The Fastpass line for Spaceship Earth is so long there are masking tape queue lines on the pavement. The stand by queue is posted at a 70 minute wait.

Thanks for joining us today as we navigated EPCOT. Be sure to keep following WDWNT for even more updates from EPCOT and the rest of Walt Disney World.