PHOTOS: Entrance Overhaul Construction Enters Next Phase at EPCOT

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Work on the overhaul of EPCOT’s entrance continued this week, with phases of the project becoming more visible.

Outside the turnstiles, work on new pavement on the east side of the entrance is moving along. Framing and rebar for new sidewalks has been put into place.

We also can see where land clearing continues for what will eventually become the new east entrance security checkpoint.

Work on the supports has begun to pick up rapidly.

Inside the park, holiday decorations are completely gone from behind the new construction walls. Repaving is expected to begin any day now on this section of the park’s entry courtyard.

Behind the construction scrims near the security screening on the west side of the entrance, we can see numerous potted plants have been staged for planting here.

Stacks of mulch have also been ground in as this phase begins to wrap up.

Workers were busy planting new foliage and spreading mulch. This area should be completed soon, and will provide a much less closed-in feel for the current security entrance on the west side.

Are you looking forward to the new look for EPCOT’s entrance? Let us know in the comments below.

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