PHOTOS: New Interactive Glass Art Kiosk by Arribas Brothers Debuts at the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts 2020

We hope you’re feeling creative, because Epcot’s Festival of the Arts is upon us. This unique festival provides guests many hands-on activities to find their inner artist. A new offering to the 2020 festival is an interactive glass art kiosk. 

This offering is located at the Glaskunst kiosk in the Germany pavilion. It’s sponsored by Arribas Brothers and allows guests to try their hand at glass art design. Let’s take a look at how the whole process works! 

Participants select a base piece of glass that they want to decorate. Choices include various sizes of plates and picture frames. Prices range from $25.00-$55.00.

Once the base glass pieces is selected, guests then get to choose from an array of small glass pieces to create a design. There’s no limit to the number of pieces one can select, but cast members were providing helpful suggestions as to how many pieces could be melted down successfully without overloading the base piece. 

Once all the design pieces are selected, they’re glued into places and the entire art piece is coated with an adhesive spray. Guests’ art pieces are then packaged and sent to the Arribas Brothers warehouse to be placed in the kiln to fuse the art piece together. Once completed, the finished product is shipped to the participant’s house free of cost. 

For guests not feeling quite so crafty, there’s a small selection at the kiosk of ready-made glass art, including ornaments, wall hangings, and jewelry. 

Photo frames are $49.00.

These beach themed starfish ornaments and the surfboard wall hangings are $39.00.

These diamond-shaped glass ornaments are $25.00 each.

The vibrant coral candle holders are $59.00.

Bobby pins and earrings sets are $56.00.

The multicolored glass beads range from $56.00-$90.00 depending on size. They can be placed on your favorite necklace chain or bracelet.

This interactive glass art kiosk is a fun addition to this year’s Epcot Festival of the Arts. Will you be stopping by to create your own glass art? Let us know in the comments.

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10 months ago

Love this addition. Hands on things are always a great way to make unique gifts.

Diane White
Diane White
10 months ago

Yay Keith!! Great to see your set up there. Keep up the great work! Diane

10 months ago

I definitely plan on doing this next week! Do you know if there are any other hands on crafts like this offered at the festival?

9 months ago

If I’m only there for a day can I take the piece with me or do they have to fire later and ship to me? I love this idea.