PHOTOS: MouseGear Interior Demolition Now Underway at EPCOT

It was a sad day when MouseGear closed its doors to the public for the final time. We have so many good memories of shopping through this uniquely themed store that it’s crushing to see it surrounded by construction walls. We might have a temporary location to hold us over for our current shopping needs, but we still miss the previous location. Walls have recently gone up around the entrance, so we’ve been keep a close eye on the building. Today, we spotted the first stages of demolition.

Just over the construction walls near the Future World East breezeway, we can see the framework of the door is bent out of shape.

From the monorail, we caught a glimpse of the area behind construction walls. The interior of MouseGear looks to be a pile of ruble now. Amongst the mess of debris, we spotted the old loss prevention devices from the doorway. The doors have been completely removed, but the themed exterior still lives on for now.

From another angle, we can see inside the building and see some of the gears are still safe for now.

We’ve seen concept art for the new MouseGear location, so we expect some big changes to take place in this area. Be sure to keep following for more updates on this and even more construction around EPCOT and the rest of the Walt Disney World Resort.