PHOTOS: New Limited Edition Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction Main Street U.S.A. Doll Takes a Stroll in Walt Disney World

We’re sure you’ve seen the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction merchandise all over Instagram. The colorful items will use 2020 to feature a different attraction each month. But today, we found a Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction piece that’s a bit more chic.


This Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction figure is quite a sight! in fact, she looks like she belongs in EPCOT’s Art of Disney store. We invited Minnie to step out for us so we could see her outfit.


Face and Bodice

The doll features Minnie’s wide eyes, with a touch of black eyeliner and blush. She seems very calm and sure of herself. Minnie also wears a hat daintily tilted to the side, and her outfit’s bodice reflects the Victorian era.


minnie-mouse-main-street-usa-main-attraction-doll-4.jpg  minnie-mouse-main-street-usa-main-attraction-doll-6.jpg

Minnie’s necklace is a cameo of a lamp. Why a lamp? Many of you may know that Walt Disney sometimes used the upstairs of the Disneyland firehouse on Main Street U.S.A. as an apartment. When the lamp in the window was on, it meant Uncle Walt was there!


The print on the dress is the buildings on Main Street U.S.A., which have touches of peach and nude. There are small blue rhinestone accents.

minnie-mouse-main-street-usa-main-attraction-doll-2.jpg minnie-mouse-main-street-usa-main-attraction-doll-3.jpg

She, of course, has on her gloves.


A Minnie Mouse like this deserves a box that’s just as beautiful as she is.


The front shows the Main Street U.S.A. buildings on her dress, with a few clouds in the sky.




The back describes Minnie’s outfit and the doll’s inspiration that we told you about earlier.


It’s also written in French!

minnie-mouse-main-street-usa-main-attraction-doll-12.jpg minnie-mouse-main-street-usa-main-attraction-doll-13.jpg

The doll stands on a top platform decorated with red, white and blue bunting.

This Minnie Mouse is $119.99, and we found her at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom.

Do you think this Minnie will be a true collector’s item? Let us know if she makes it on your next Disney Parks shopping list.

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11 months ago

Why does stylish Minnie need to be so skinny?