PHOTOS: Preparations Underway for New Security Structure at EPCOT’s Front Entrance

Welcome to the endless construction site that is EPCOT! While there are massive construction projects happening throughout the park, a large portion of the ongoing work has focused on the front entrance. Just when we started to see some of these projects completed, such as a new tram loop, it seems new work is beginning.

While on the monorail, we were able to get a great view of the construction site, which is located between the opened tram loop and the new east parking tram loop (which has yet to open).

The site is full of building supplies, including smaller piping and rebar. Large drainage pipes are stacked in a row.

Lots of excavation is happening across the construction area. In the center of the site, a large hole has been dug. Small pipes have been placed in the ground.

Wooden framework for planters lie onsite. From their location, it looks like the planters will encircle the trees.

A large section of the construction site has been flatten for a walkway. The small retaining walls that have been built make the outlines of the walkway. It appears that this walkway will connect the east parking tram loop to the front entrance.

The most significant change to the site was that we were able to see signs of a new structure, which will most likely be a new security screening area. Square holes have been dug out and seem to be the right size for a structure’s footings and support posts. The new structure will be going in on the left side of the main entrance in between the two new tram loops.

This construction work at EPCOT’s front entrance is all a part of ongoing entrance “enhancements” happening at all of the Walt Disney World parks in preparation for the resort’s 50th anniversary. While at the moment this work may cause some inconveniences for guest arriving to the park, we believe that in the long run it will help make guests’ arrival experience go more smoothly. Keep checking WDWNT for all of the Disney Parks construction news.