REVIEW: New Finding Nemo Creamsicle Cupcake Just Keeps Swimming at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

If you’ve been looking for Nemo, we know where you can find him. You don’t even have to travel all the way to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, either. This cute little clownfish has surfaced at Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, right here at Walt Disney World. The cute little face just called to us from the tank––I mean, bakery case at the Intermission Food Court, so we had to dive on in and give it a try.

Sharkbait! Hoo Ha Ha! This cupcake is decorated with the cutest Nemo we’ve ever seen. Every detail is perfect. From the white fondant stripes to the chocolate lucky fin, this is without a doubt our beloved Nemo. Yes, one fin is smaller than the other, and we were obsessed with this small detail that the bakery team didn’t forget.

He’s even nestled into his sea anenenene… anemone. We’re impressed with the looks, now we’ve got to find out what lurks beneath the surface.

Fish are friends, not food. As much as we kept chanting this to ourselves, we just couldn’t resist. The wavy pink frosting around the edges are vanilla, but the frosting used for Nemo is actually orange-flavored. It’s almost like a Creamsicle-type of flavor. The eyes were crispy pearls that added a surpring crunch, too. We’ve had a lot of cupcakes around Walt Disney World, but this one stands out for being incredibly fresh and decadent. Maybe we just showed up at the right time, but we were absolutely floored with how soft and fresh the yellow cake base was. Why can’t every cupcake on property be this incredible?

The filling inside was the most amazing fusion of flavors, balancing somewhere between chocolate and caramel ganache. We could have eaten the cake and filling completely alone without any frosting and been absolutely happy. It’s pretty sweet, dude.

The latest character icon cupcake is $5.99 and only available for a limited time from the Intermission Food Court. Be sure to swim, snorkel, or fly on over to All-Star Music to get your hands on this little guy. Otherwise, he’ll be all mine! Mine! Mine!