PHOTOS: Temporary Planters Replaced with Construction Walls as Work Begins on Right Side of New Park Entrance Plaza at EPCOT

What we hoped might be temporary planters transformed into longer-term walls today at the EPCOT entrance.

Yesterday, we told you about temporary planters that appeared to the right side of the park’s entrance. There was a chance they may have just been there to hide preparations for entrance landscaping celebrating the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. But now, we don’t think that’s the case.


The walls you see here are blocking the big, central planter directly in front of Spaceship Earth — plus, everything behind it.


The walls run from the entrance turnstiles to the fountain construction walls that have been up for a while. They hide additional gardening that will fill out the right side of EPCOT’s entrance to make it symmetrical with the work already completed on the left. A full beautiful garden will greet you as you make your way into the reimagined park.


When the construction walls were removed in mid-December, the EPCOT entrance got a big breath of fresh air and we saw the new central planter. This teaser of what’s to come for the entrance may have only been revealed to alleviate holiday crowding.


With holiday crowds not subsiding just yet and Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend on the horizon, we’ll cross our fingers to keep entrance bottlenecks at bay.


Below is a better visual look at concept art for the entrance to get a look at what the completed construction will reveal. We circled the rough area construction walls are blocking in red:


Further up the path, there is still no access to the bypass walkway that runs from the entrance to The Seas that opened for a bit last week. So, we think it’s safe to say the status of the front of the park will be fluid for a while.

Check back with WDW News Today as we track the progress of EPCOT’s many construction projects.

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