PHOTOS, VIDEO: Construction Bypass Walkway From Park Entrance to The Seas and The Land Pavilion Now Open at EPCOT

A few weeks back, we speculated on a new set of walkways that were being constructed near the future Moana – Journey of Water as temporary bypasses to be used as construction ramps up at EPCOT. Originally slated to open sometime in January, this walkway has officially opened to guests today ahead of the large anticipated crowds for New Year’s Eve, and it connects the west side of the park’s main entrance to the promenade near The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

The walkway is located to the right of Spaceship Earth as you enter, right past this overhang.

Guests walk past these entrance bathrooms, making the walkway extra convenient in case you need to make a stop on your way in.

Themed construction walls remind guests of “The Magic of Possibility”, written out in stylized new EPCOT font.

Characters like Edna Mode grace some construction walls.

Oh hey, hey, Hei Hei!

As we’ve covered before, the walkway also features construction wall art themed to The Seas pavilion and the future Moana – Journey of Water attraction.

EPCOT pavilion logos art lines the opposite side of construction walls.

The pathway leads right out to Coral Reef and the front of The Seas with Nemo & Friends, with The Land not too far away.

To get oriented before you head out on your next EPCOT trip (or to simply check out the cute new construction wall art) you can take a full walking tour of the new bypass walkway in the video below!

This new walkway now acts as a detour for guests ahead of increasing work on the entrance of the park, the center of Future World, and eventually on Spaceship Earth in 2020. We expect the walkway to be used as a true bypass as sections of the center of the park are walled off in the coming weeks, and guests will need a temporary way to get into this area of the park.

For now, you can still walk up the sides of Spaceship Earth and cut through both Future World breezeways, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as those are closed or walled off.