PHOTOS: New EPCOT Entrance and Retro Fountain Construction Update 11/6/19

EPCOT new entrance fountain 11/3/19 (4)
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Amid all the construction work going on in EPCOT, the new entrance gardens and fountain might just be the most exciting. Since our last update, a few changes have happened.

EPCOT new entrance fountain 11/3/19 (1)

EPCOT new entrance fountain 11/3/19 (5)

More orange construction fences have popped up, as have more construction work vehicles.

EPCOT new entrance fountain 11/3/19 (2)

Pieces of pipe that were once laying out on the ground are now sticking up out of the ground.

EPCOT new entrance fountain 11/3/19 (4)

There’s still some water pooled at the bottom rung of the fountain, and its surface is fully stripped and ready for lucite pieces.

EPCOT new entrance fountain 11/3/19 (6)

Wood framing has appeared in front of the planters. You can see some forms surrounding monorail beams, plus an adjacent planter next to the central one. These all seem fairly close together, so we hope bottlenecking near the entrance has been accounted for.

We are so excited for this new entrance to the park to open. Are you looking forward to taking family trip photos in front of this new beauty?

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