CONFIRMED: Park Entrance Bypass Walkways Near Moana – Journey of Water Site and Future World East to Open in January at EPCOT

A few weeks back, we speculated on a new set of walkways that were being constructed near the future Moana – Journey of Water as temporary bypasses to be used as construction ramps up at EPCOT. This walkway, as well as another one in Future World West, will open to guests sometime in and continuing through January 2020.

This new walkway will act as a detour for guests while work continues on the entrance of the park, the center of Future World, and eventually on Spaceship Earth in 2020. The walkway will connect the west side of the park’s main entrance to the promenade near The Seas with Nemo & Friends, possibly bypassing all the construction as a temporary way to get into this area of the park.

Over on the other side of Spaceship Earth, another walkway will link the east side of the main entrance to Future World East near Mission: SPACE and the new, temporary MouseGear location.