REVIEW: New “I’m Nemo” Cheesecake Swims into Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

If you’re visiting Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, you might just end up looking for Nemo. This beloved little clownfish is now available as a dessert from Landscape of Flavors. We managed to find him in cheesecake form, and started shouting “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Nemo! We found you!

The napkin dispensers want you to find him…
We spent way too much time looking here.
He’s actually over here…
We finally found him!

The “I’m Nemo” Cheesecake is now available inside the “on-the-go” case. We thought we would give you this tip, so you don’t spend precious park time trying to actually find Nemo.

This sparkling dome cheesecake is topped by a white chocolate Nemo piece. He’s so adorable, you might not want to eat him. Fish are friends, not food.

The glittering blue “water” is a gelee/gelatin type of layer, with squiggles of buttercream seaweed and crunchy pearls for bubbles. Our crunchy pearls were pretty soggy, though. I guess that’s what happens when you throw crunchy pearls into the ocean. It’s really a simple, but creative, dessert we appreciate. Anything this sparkly automatically gets my approval.

Inside the dessert, we find nothing but creamy cheesecake. There’s no additional flavors either, which was a nice change of pace. The cheesecake was soft and creamy with a lovely graham cracker crust. The gelee didn’t have much of a taste and was barely noticeable. This might be your basic cheesecake, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we just want a simple, comforting dessert without all the fillings and toppings. The “I’m Nemo” Cheesecake is a solid dessert we highly recommend.

This is beautifully decorated and will surely be popular with guests visiting the resort, especially with so many Instagrammable photo opportunities just outside the doors. If you’re searching for more “Finding Nemo” desserts, don’t forget to check out the Finding Nemo Cupcake from Disney’s All-Star Music Resort!