Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Finally Loading Guests After 7-Hour Opening Delay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Delayed Boarding is a fairly common occurrence with the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction, as the highly complex ride has regularly faced breakdowns on both coasts since opening day. Today, Rise of the Resistance suffered its greatest opening delay to date at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

With a scheduled park opening of 7:00 AM, Boarding Groups were gone by 7:01 AM and Backup Boarding Groups were fully distributed by 7:26 AM. However, boarding never actually began for the attraction. The morning passed without a single Boarding Group called into the attraction. At around 2:12 PM, the first Boarding Groups of the day were called, Groups 12-24. Despite the time zone difference, loading at Disneyland’s version of the attraction is already at Boarding Groups 12-32.

The reason for the delay is still unknown, however it is worth noting that Orlando is experiencing record low temperatures today, which is often the cause of many mechanical malfunctions (that attractions are not impervious to.) A number of the attraction’s pre-shows wind in and out of exterior areas exposed to the elements.

If you were able to secure a Boarding Group today, be mindful that due to the extended opening delay, there may be long lines to board. Later groups, including Backup Boarding Groups, might not be accommodated today at all. If you have a main Boarding Group and are not called to board, there may recovery options available for guests via Guest Relations.

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1 year ago

47 degree F is not cold enough to interfere with technical equipment, not like it’s freezing there.

1 year ago

Thanks Jessica, I’ll be at DHS next Tuesday and I watch for any and all updates regarding ROTR!