VIDEO: New Background Music Loop Featuring Songs from “Beauty and the Beast” Debuts at the France Pavilion in EPCOT

Nothing quite sets the mood of a World Showcase pavilion (or any pavilion at EPCOT) like its background music, and for a legion of park fans, it makes up a big chunk of our own music libraries as we enjoy being transported to the parks even when we’re away.

At the France pavilion in EPCOT, a number of changes are underway, from a massive expansion to accommodate for the upcoming Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction, to the introduction of an all-new “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along coming to the Palais du Cinema alongside the return of the classic “Impressions de France.” All over EPCOT, it’s old meets new as pavilions are transformed and renovated for the future of the park.

Just this morning, the France pavilion received a new music loop with various songs from Disney movies, like “Be Our Guest” and “Human Again” from Beauty and the Beast, “The Aristocats” from the 1970 The Aristocats movie, and even a few chansons that sound right out of Ratatouille.

We were able to get a clip of the new loop in the video below:

I’ll certainly miss hearing the old, yet eerily romantic “A Man and A Woman” classic, but the new loop does breathe some life and whimsy into these stoic old pavilions, however, it does come at the cost of potentially undermining their cultural significance. What do you think of the addition of IP-based songs to the background music loops at EPCOT?

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1 year ago

Have the old music loops been completely replaced with new ones, or did they just insert a few Disney songs into the existing loops? If they’re a completely new loops, is it all Disney music, or just a few Disney pieces in each loop?

1 year ago

Thanks for the post. Disappointing, but just yet another thing to get over losing, I guess. The new music sounds good and is pretty much expected as Disney transforms Epcot into another Magic Kingdom. Fits the new IP-based focus, and I’m sure we’ll all be listening to the new loops in our spare time before too long.