New Disney Dining Plan Plus Option Available at Walt Disney World Starting February 27

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New Disney Dining Plan Plus Option Available at Walt Disney World Starting February 27

If you and your family usually opt for a Disney Dining Plan, or are looking into Disney Dining Plan options, starting February 27, 2020, a new Dining Plan Option will be available when booking your Walt Disney World Resort hotel package.

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Disney Dining Plan Plus is a brand-new Disney dining plan option only available as part of a Disney Resort hotel package. This new plan allows Guests to redeem their two meals each day in any combination of either Table Service, Quick Service, or Character Dining, or a combination.

In addition, a Disney Dining Plan Plus package includes two snacks per night, one Disney Resort hotel refillable drink mug (which can be used at any Disney Resort hotel quick-service locations), and at each meal, unlimited refills of fountain sodas, single-service teas and brewed coffee, or one specialty non-alcoholic beverage, or for Guests 21 and older with valid ID, one beer, wine or cocktail. Meals can be redeemed in any order and in any combination. Unused meals or snacks rollover day to day, so Guests can use them whenever they want during their stay.

Guests can start using the Disney Dining Plan Plus as soon as February 28, 2020. No pricing or further details are yet available for the new Disney Dining Plan option.


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13 thoughts on “New Disney Dining Plan Plus Option Available at Walt Disney World Starting February 27”

  1. That’s crazy, when I was there last year I could use 2 table services in one day with the Disney dining plan. It was on my account as credits and I could use them however I wanted, so some days I only had Quick service left and no Table service. So when did it change that you couldn’t do this?

  2. I’m unclear how this is different then the current plan? If I have an 11 day stay on the Disney Dining plan, I get 11 quick service credits and 11 table service credits, and 22 snack credits. Once they are issues I can use them however I wish during my trip. Am I missing something on here?

    • Yes. In your case, you would receive 22 dining credits and could use ALL of them on table service, if you wanted to. You could use them in any combination of qs or ts.

  3. This article clearly member mentions table service, quick service, and character dining. I certainly hope that they are not going to make character dining a separate category than tableservice. This will greatly affect of our family will ever get the dining plan. For our family with young children, the greatest benefit of getting the middle dining plan is that we can use our table service for character dining. The way this article is worded, leads me to the conclusion that this will be a more expensive option and a plan somewhere between the middle and deluxe dining plan, to be able to pay for character dining.

    • I was just wondering the same. I know alot of people who purchase the dining plan solely to get the character meals. So Disney figured out something that is important to families and is again charging a premium for your child’s joy. Go figure.

      • Table service and character dining have always been considered separate, at least for as long as I’ve been using dining plans (~4 years). Many of the character dining experiences cost two table credits instead of just one, but you can still use the table service credits.

        • Only one character meal is 2 credits and that’s Cinderella’s Royal Table. All others are currently one table service credit and not differentiated.

        • Character meals that are 1 TS Credit: Tusker House, Akershus, Chef Mickey, Ohana Breakfast, 1900 Park Fair, Crystal Palace, Garden Grill, Hollywood & Vine, Snow White’s Storybook Dining, Cape May Cafe Breakfast, ….I might have missed a couple but that’s most of them and they are all TS Credit

  4. I am confused as to how this plan differs from the table service plan of all the years in the past or did I miss something? We have always had the table service that included all of the above AND we always did 3 character meals as a part of it,

    • If Disney officially announces this, it appears that it will allow 2 meals so you can have 8 TS instead of 4 for a 4 night stay! Sure, you could eat at QS too, but for the value of this to be worth it, double your table service restaurants. Or you could have 4 1 credit TS and 2 signature dining restaurants.

  5. I’m hoping that we will be able to upgrade our meal plan that we already have to this option!! We are going in June and this dining plan would work out SO much better for our family!!

  6. Shucks, I rang to upgrade for my upcoming vacation and apparently it is not a plan recognised internationally – so beware anyone from the UK, at the moment this does not apply to us. Drat and double drat

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