PHOTOS: New Disney Character Pet Treats for Cats and Dogs Arrive at Walt Disney World

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Sometimes the only hard thing about taking a Disney vacation is leaving your significant other at home. We are talking pets of course… what were you thinking? Now, when you return home smelling of turkey legs and churros, you can deliver the gift your pet really wants: a treat!

We stumbled upon four new new pet treats, 3 for dogs and 1 for your feline friend. These are styled after some of your favorite Disney characters, like Mickey & Friends, “Toy Story,” “Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Lion King.”

These are separate from the already existing “Disney Tails” brand of pet treats. These particular “Team Treatz” brand treats are in much more professional packaging, and are immune to accidental tearing and puncturing, unlike the flimsy plastic bag of the “Disney Tails” branded treats.

These treats have various imprints of Disney characters and sayings on them. They are branded as dental treats to help with overall teeth maintenance.

The treats are all natural, soy and gluten free, and have a “great taste,” but we will have to ask the dog about that one.


There appear to be no noticeable differences in the makeup of the treats other than just what is imprinted on the treat itself. So feel free to pick up whichever you like best or if your dog is a dedicated fan of any particular film series, you might lean towards that.

The cats in the house have less options to choose from, but these treats are chicken flavor! These Lion King branded treats are designed for tartar control and are in a somewhat smaller container, 1.5oz compared to 7oz.

Taking into the difference in sized containers, the prices reflect that. $10.99 for the dog treats, and $5.99 for the cat treats. We found all these options at The Darkroom in Hollywood Studios. Give your pet the gift of Disney today!