PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/11/20 (Sorcerer Mickey “Ink & Paint” Loungefly, Haunted Mansion Bow Tie, Breakfast Menu Changes at The Plaza, and More)

Welcome to another beautiful day here at the Magic Kingdom. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and we’re excited for what we might find today.

Let’s go!

Since it’s early, we decided to stop by the Plaza and check out their breakfast menu. The menu has been updated with just a few minor changes. The Mickey Waffles meal has been removed and replaced with Biscuits and Gravy. That sounds pretty good. And Mickey waffles haven’t been completely removed and can be still found in the All-American Classic Breakfast Platter.

Talking Bo Peep and Forky toys can now be found in Tomorrowland.

If you’re feeling wicked after the Villains After Hours Event, you can find this new Queen of Hearts phone case on the D-Tech on Demand kiosks.

It’s our lucky day. We found a pressed penny.

It’s nice that the crane has finally been moved from behind the castle and we can take the pathway freely now.

Things are happening in the moat.

Mickey Indiana Jones plush are now available at the Agrabah Bazaar in Adventureland.

We spotted Aladdin and Jasmine having fun with an adorable baby.

In front of Skipper Canteen, this awesome Cast Member was having fun with a tiny elephant puppet. This made our day!

Guests are lined up and awaiting Country Bear Jamboree.

ink paint collection

Some new Ink and Paint merchandise can be found spread out across the park. Inside Briar Patch, we found this fun artist’s kit.

ink paint collection

Curtain Call Collectibles has the 12 days of socks for $34.99.

This new Sorcerer Mickey “Ink and Paint” Loungefly is a must. The liner has a colorful “Ink and Paint” print and the zippers are tiny paintbrushes. This will be a great addition to my Loungefly collection for $80.

Memento Mori has a new Haunted Mansion wallpaper bow tie available. It’s 100% silk and is $44.99.

Just a little bit of Move it, Shake it, MousekeDance it before we make our way out.

Thanks for following us around the Magic Kingdom today. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates!