PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/19/20 (Refurbishments Continue, Space Mountain with the Lights On, Saint Patrick’s Day Plush, and More)

Good morning from a slightly overcast, but still beautiful Magic Kingdom! With just clouds on the forecast, it’s shaping up to be a perfect day to be at the Most Magical Place On Earth.

Cinderella castle arch main street

As everyone bustles about getting ready to start their perfect park day, we stopped a moment to take in this unusual view of Main Street, USA.

Cinderella castle mosaic

This is one of our favorite spots in the whole park. A lot of people rush past this beautiful piece of art, but we feel like we can’t look at it long enough. Have you seen this mosaic? It depicts the story of Cinderella, a fitting subject given its location.

St Patrick’s day mickey plush

Next, we popped in to the Main Street Confectionery, where we found this sweet treat. With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, who doesn’t love an adorable plush to celebrate?

Emporium plush wall

Speaking of plush, how perfect is this wall of plush in the Emporium? The Cast Members work hard to make everything look perfect for us every day.

Space mountain

Moving on through the park, we came across some disappointed rope droppers. Space Mountain, one of the short list of attractions people run for the in the morning, was down.

Space mountain lights on

Lucky for us, we rode the PeopleMover, and got to see inside of the ride with the lights on!

Tron construction

From the PeopleMover, we could also see progress being made on the construction of TRON Lightcycle Run. We are always so impressed with how much they get done every day!

Cinderella Castle peoplemover

Our last view from the PeopleMover was of this classic beauty, Cinderella Castle. Have you heard about her upcoming makeover?

Pluto lily belle

Despite the forecast, a light mist began to fall mid-morning. Pluto took this opportunity to meet under cover over by the Lilly Belle.

Magic kingdom ducks

Some of our favorite residents of the Magic Kingdom also took advantage of the weather, and cleaned their feathers in the mist.

Splash mountain refurb roof

All this dampness had us thinking of Splash Mountain, so we checked in on the progress there. They seem to have completed work on the track, and are almost done with the roof. This side wasn’t even started yesterday!

Poster return magic kingdom

On our way to the Monorail, we noticed that the poster which had mysteriously disappeared a few days ago has returned to its rightful place. Everyone can breathe easy now!

Magic kingdom contemporary walkway construction

Finally we checked in on the construction surrounding the gates of the Magic Kingdom. This ring was only rebar and wooden framing a day ago, and now they’ve poured the cement!

Magic kingdom entrance

Thank you for joining us today at the Magic Kingdom! What was your favorite part of our tour?

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  1. Seeing the Space Mountain track with the lights on is one of my fears. Thanks for having it smack dab in the middle of the article with no warning haha.

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