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PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 2/25/20 (“ABCDisney” Alphabet Mugs, TRON Lightcycle Run, Castle Moat Draining, and More)

It’s a great, big beautiful today here, and we can’t wait to see what is happening at the Magic Kingdom.

Magic kingdom parking construction

First things first, we checked in on the construction happening between the parking lot and the security checkpoint. A lot has been happening here recently!

City hall magic kingdom

Next, we checked out City Hall, which is covered in a printed scrim during its refurbishment. No news yet as to when these improvements will be completed.

Easter mickey

Easter bunny themed Mickey and Minnie Mouse plushes have joined the St. Patrick’s Day plush at the Main Street Confectionary. It’s fun to see the holidays celebrated in the parks.

Disney alphabet mugs

The new “ABCDisney Letter” alphabet line that debuted earlier this week has made it to the Emporium, including a complete line of mugs!

Alphabet mug n

Naturally our favorite letter was “N”, which is for “The Seas with Nemo and Friends.”

Alphabet mug o

But we also really love “O” for “Orange Bird.”

Tron construction

There’s been a lot of activity at the TRON Lightcycle Run construction site. There haven’t been any major additions, but there have been a lot of supplies delivered recently.

Cinderella fountain

One of the prettiest spots surrounding Cinderella Castle is Cinderella Fountain. If you frame your picture just right, Cinderella gets to wear her crown.

Magic kingdom moat structure

Since the draining of the moat surrounding Cinderella Castle began a few days ago, this scaffolding structure has appeared inside the moat, no doubt to aid in the castle makeover process.

Look up

Here’s another installment in the “Look Up” series: Do you know where this one is?

Splash mountain refurb

The refurbishments to Splash Mountain are almost complete! Water has returned to the bottom part of the track, although the drop remains waterless.

Tomorrowland third scrim

A third scrim was added in Tomorrowland surrounding the repainting of the legs of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover track. The one on the far right appeared last night.

Magic kingdom entrance construction

Construction at the entrance of the park is moving along, and this piece in particular has had some visual changes today. Last night, the top cement was poured. It’s looking good!

Cinderella castle

We hope you enjoyed coming along with us on this beautiful spring day. We look forward to coming back soon!

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Adam Handley
Adam Handley
6 months ago

The answer to the look up is the store by Mickey’s Philharmagic!

6 months ago

Fantasy faire!

6 months ago

Great pics! So cool how they can do that with the wrap on City Hall. Totally love the mugs! Thanks for the close up photos. So cool how you framed the photo of Cinderella and her crown at the fountain. I want to do that when I’m there! Also love your castle pic with Walt and Mickey. Thanks for the insights and the invitation to come along!