PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle Moat Fully Drained Ahead of Castle Makeover Project at the Magic Kingdom

The moat in front of Cinderella Castle is all but completely drained now. We have been following the progress of the draining over the last week or so in preparation for the upcoming Castle makeover.

The water level on the right side of the castle is now less than a few inches. There is probably as much water drained via evaporation as is being drained by the pumps at this point.

We still see the somewhat unsightly dam in place on either side of the castle.

The left side, however, is almost bone dry. The algae that was present while the moat was draining is barely even visible anymore.

If the weather warmed a little bit, this small puddle could be gone in 24 hours.

The scaffolding is still in place so construction cast can get down to the moat safely.

The moat looks a little different everyday, but it seems that the overall draining process is near the finish line. Stay up to date with all your Disney Parks news at!

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  1. I guess I need to ask the obvious question… unless they had absolutely NO IDEA this could be coming, why didn’t they do this the last time the moat was drained, when they were expanding the walkway?

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