PHOTOS: New Double Chocolate Mickey Beignets Are Pure Fried Chocolate Goodness at Disneyland


PHOTOS: New Double Chocolate Mickey Beignets Are Pure Fried Chocolate Goodness at Disneyland

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, Disneyland guests can get a fresh taste of the Big Easy with a new beignet offering. While Mickey-shaped beignets are a classic Disneyland treat, the latest twist on this dessert is sure to please the chocolate lovers. Let us introduce to you the delicious Double Chocolate Mickey Beignets!

Double Chocolate Mickey Beignets – $5.49

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Our Double Chocolate Mickey Beignet were deep-fried to golden brown perfection. The batter contained small amounts of chocolate, adding a slight chocolate flavor without losing the taste of a typical beignet. In lieu of the traditional powdered sugar, these beignets were coated in a chocolate sugar, explaining the dessert’s double chocolate name.

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An order of the Double Chocolate Mickey Beignets includes three large beignets, which are served warm in a white paper bag. With the size of the beignets, we thought it was a great value receiving three for $5.49. You could share with your friends! (Even though we know you probably won’t.) PRO TIP: We suggest you close the bag up and give it a shake to ensure all of your beignets are evenly coated in chocolate sugar goodness.

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Upon taking the first bite, we were struck by the light and airy texture of the beignet. The crunchy chocolate sugar coating was in perfect proportion to the pastry, providing the right amount of sugar and chocolate without overloading our tastebuds. They reminded us a bit of the Hot Chocolate Beignets that were at Cafe Orleans for the holidays, but without the drizzle chocolate sauce.

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Overall, this tasty treat is a winner and we cannot recommend it enough! We’re already dreaming about getting it on our next trip to Disneyland. We found the Double Chocolate Mickey Beignets at Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square, where they replaced the Mint Chocolate Mickey Beignets. Will you be trying the latest variation of the Mickey beignet? Let us know in the comments!