PHOTOS: EPCOT Future World Construction Update (2/4/20)

Work at EPCOT continues to make developmental headway as the reimagining of Future World continues.

Work on the Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction continues to move forward. Framing is in place for new flooring near the entrance.

Several pallets of construction materials were seen outside the entrance to the Play! pavilion as work continues on the site.

Over behind Mouse Gear’s old location, the former garden area has been completely removed, with paving set to take up the majority of the area. Where once stood a quiet, beautiful location to enjoy the Florida weather is now set to become yet another sidewalk.

Landscaping and utility work behind Taste Track continues to crawl forward.

The base of what will eventually be the new Taste Track location has also been poured here.

Work to repave the remaining walkway behind Mouse Gear is also wrapping up.

Over in front of Mouse Gear, the old Fountain of Nations now features large construction equipment rising up from behind the walls.

From above, we can see the area has finally been cleared of construction debris from the Innoventions demolition.

Work at Mouse Gear’s gutting continues to also show minimal outward changes.

Work on the mystery construction between Imagination! and The Land continues to show signs of progress.

Stay tuned to WDWNT as we continue to monitor these and other projects around EPCOT.

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9 months ago

It seems obvious the pathway between the Land and Imagination is being widened. As it is it’s a bottleneck. When the center of future world gets walled off completely they are going to need more capacity on that side of the park for traffic.

Javier Velasquez
Javier Velasquez
9 months ago

it seems that the pathway between “The Land Pavilion” and “Imagination Pavilion” for the mysterious bypass and before the Eastern side and the Northern side of Future World will become “World Celebration” on the north and “World Nature” is on the east! and now, the Transformation of epcot continues!