PHOTOS: Ratatouille Expansion in France Adds Themed Lights at EPCOT

Work on France’s expansion continues to add new themed elements this week. Today, we noticed several interesting additions to the area.

Where yesterday was located just wires not stands beautiful themed light fixtures on the walls near the restrooms.

Over towards the Ratatouille fountain, the second layer to the water feature has been added, albeit underneath construction tarp.

Metal roofing is completed on the green frame across from the entrance to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

More roofing work over the attraction’s entrance was also happening today.

More work was also being conducted on facades around the area.

Work on La Creperie de Paris continues to move forward.

The entrance area to the expanded portion of France continues to move closer to completion as well with more landscaping going in beyond the walls and window details wrapping up.

In front of Plume et Palette, another new section of paving has gone in. This was not roped off this morning, however, despite having not fully cured yet.

Around the back of Plume et Palette, the new cobblestone installation continues with several new segments having gone in as well.

Are you looking forward to the new France expansion? Let us know in the comments below.

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1 year ago

I will be at Disney May 27th, do you know if it will be finished by then?

Leah Althiser
1 year ago

I’m super excited for the new attraction! And crepes of course.