PHOTOS: Even More New Ink & Paint Collection Merch (Spirit Jersey, Pencil Case, T-Shirt) Splashes Into World of Disney at Walt Disney World

Last month in Disneyland an entire line centered around Ink & Paint was released, and we’ve slowly been seeing some of that merchandise make its way to over to Florida. Today, while browsing the World of Disney at Disney Springs, we found some items had been added to the collection.

Ink & Paint Walt Disney World Spirit Jersey – $69.99

Featuring a white background that’s covered in Disney character outlines, this spirit jersey is perfect for any artist or classic Disney movie fan. The jersey features Sorcer Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Mr. Toad, Pinocchio, the White Rabbit, and Jiminy Cricket all in fun and different poses. All of the character art can be seen half sketched and half-drawn and colored in, and it’s a really nice nod to the Ink & Paint department to show how some of our favorite characters come to life.

The back of the shirt promotes Walt Disney World in a big, black font that really makes it pop and stand out against all of the crazy, primary colors that can be found all over the shirt.

Of course, no spirit jersey can be without the park logo on the front, with the park establishing date. This logo matches the same font treatment on the back of the shirt.

Fantasia T-Shirt – $36.99

This Fantasia themed t-shirt is perfect for any artist as it shows the steps to creating a character. Starting with a sketch of Mickey Mouse putting on his sorcer hat, we move to a black and white “clean up” outline. The border of the drawing is then “inked” in his classic red and blue color scheme before moving to the final “paint” step, where see Sorcer Mickey looking as if he jumped off of the television screen and onto this shirt.

Paint Tube Pouch – $19.99

If you’re looking for the perfect place to store your art supplies, look no further than this paint tube pouch. The pouch looks exactly like a real paint tube, with “paint” even squirting out of the top. And of course, the paint is our favorite color, Mickey Red.

As someone who went to art school for animation, this entire collection has my heart. Disney created an entire line of merchandise that’s perfect to showing just how our favorite characters came to be, in a really fun and unique way.

Of course, this is just the start of the Ink & Paint items to make their way over to Walt Disney World Resort, so make sure to stay tuned as we continue to cover this merchandise line.

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