PHOTOS: New “Ich Bin” Germany Collection (Drinkware, T-Shirts, Hats and Bag) Says “Hallo” to Walt Disney World



PHOTOS: New “Ich Bin” Germany Collection (Drinkware, T-Shirts, Hats and Bag) Says “Hallo” to Walt Disney World



PHOTOS: New “Ich Bin” Germany Collection (Drinkware, T-Shirts, Hats and Bag) Says “Hallo” to Walt Disney World

Did you see all the new smashing U.K. merchandise that arrived in the United Kingdom Pavilion this week? The Germany Pavilion now has a healthy collection of its own, and it’s full of Deutschland pride. And I must say, “das gefällt mir!”



Ich Bin Mug – $19.99

The black mug says “Ich Bin” (i.e., “I am”) above the flag of Germany and is outlined by a Mickey Mouse head. The other side says “Germany EPCOT World Showcase” in gold.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-1.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-2.jpg

Ich Bin Shot Glass – $9.99

This shot glass has the same design as the mug above and can be used when taking that regretful shot of Jägermeister.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-3.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-4.jpg

“Ich Bin” and “Hallo”Beer Glass – $14.99

This beer glass resembles a beer can, with “Ich Bin,” “Germany” and “Hallo” printed on it. I can already taste the refreshing pilsner I’d put in it!


Hallo T-Shirt – $39.99

This t-shirt greets all with a “hallo” and and features a Mickey Mouse head colored with the German flag.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-6.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-7.jpg

The back is plain.


The sleeve has “EPCOT World Showcase” text.

Mickey Mouse Head and Germany Flag T-Shirt – $29.99

This shirt also features a Mickey head with the German flag with “EPCOT World Showcase” text.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-9.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-10.jpg

Ich Bin Sling Bag – $29.99

Sling this nice “Ich Bin” bag over your shoulder when you’ve bought too many trinkets to carry by hand at EPCOT. The red, black and gray bag is decorated with another German Mickey head.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-11.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-12.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-13.jpg

Germany Pavillion Hoodie – $44.99

This gray hoodie looks very comfy and even features the famous scenes of Germany, like the Brandenburg Gate.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-14.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-15.jpg

The German flag is on the sleeve.


Ich Bin Women’s Long-Sleeve Shirt – $39.99

This light red women’s shirt shows Mickey, the German flag and “Ich Bin.” it’s looks a bit oversized for comfort and has a honeycomb weave texture.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-26.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-27.jpg

German Flag Baseball Cap – $24.99

The Germany flag is surrounded by “Duetshland” and “EPCOT World Showcase” on this baseball cap. White, gray and black are the predominant colors on the hat.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-18.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-19.jpg

Mickey Germany Flag Baseball Cap – $24.99

Duetschland and Mickey Mouse are the focus of this gray cap. “EPCOT World Showcase” is written on the side.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-20.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-21.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-22.jpg

Ich Bin Baseball Cap – $27.99

The “Ich Bin” hat shows Mickey and the German flag, once again. The black hat has “EPCOT World Showcase” written on the side.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-23.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-24.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-25.jpg

Germany Coat of Arms Baseball Cap – $19.99

The final ball cap is black and features Germany’s coat of arms, with yellow stitching. “EPCOT World Showcase” is on the back.

germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-28.jpg germany-epcot-merchandise-02-15-2020-29.jpg

Hallo Travel Mug – $22.99

Rounding out the collection is a steel travel mug that says “Hallo.” The top is clear with a sliding top for coffee sipping.


germany epcot merchandise 02-15-2020 31

We found all these items at Das Kaufhaus in EPCOT.

What’s your favorite item in the new Germany collection?

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  1. “Ich bin” means “I am”. Nothing against being german but somehow it reminds me of “Ich bin stolz Deutscher zu sein” which translates into “I am proud to be german” that is used by far right wing groups.

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