PHOTOS: New “Mad Tea Party” Wooden Mechanical Model Set by UGears Spins Into Walt Disney World

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Whether it’s your unbirthday or your actual birthday, you’re going to want this latest wooden model set of the Mad Tea Party attraction by UGears. In case you’re unfamiliar with the UGears brand, it was launched back in 2014 in Ukraine. UGears specializes in creating wooden 3D mechanical models that portray their real-life prototypes. These models can be built without tools or glue, and never require batteries!

The set features 174 pieces, and probably the most interesting part of all is that the set is powered by a rubber band motor that allows the entire piece to rotate just like the Mad Tea Party attraction. Check out the set in full detail below:

The wooden set is as intricate and unique as it is beautiful, with colored teacup ride vehicles atop configurated layers of wooden gears, all engraved with Mad Tea Party-style designs. The set includes 174 pieces as part of a functional mechanical model, with wind-up, gear-driven movements and spinning cups.

The working time of the mechanism is 20-40 seconds. In this period, the carousel makes 5-6 full rotations while each of the cups makes 30-36 spins. To make it run, you push in the lock, wind it up, and press the release button for spinning action. Nestled inside is a rubber-band motor powered by the tension of the rubber, connected with a bearing.

You can find the wooden mechanical model set at World of Disney in Disney Springs for $49.99.

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