PHOTOS: New “The Incredibles” Character Bus Wrap Makes a Super Addition to Disney Transport at Walt Disney World

Did we just see a new bus dashing by? Indeed, we did! On a new Walt Disney Walt bus wrap, Dash Parr is seen leading the Incredibles on a journey to save the day.

The red bus features a action-packed scene of the incredible Parr family. Bob (better known as “Mr. Incredible”), Helen (we prefer “Elastigirl”), Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack Parr each play their part in saving the city.

Elastigirl strerches her hand toward the front of the bus to catch a jumping Jack-Jack. Violet uses a purple forcefield to shield the family. Dash does his thing by… dashing forward. Mr. Incredible seems to just smile as he watches his family take care of business.

A cityscape silhouette is on the background toward the front of the bus.

The back shows additional cityscape, complete with “The Incredibles” logo.

Recently, we’ve also seen new Aladdin and Minnie Mouse bus wraps. Of the three newest buses, which one to you hope to see roll up to your bus stop?

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Mandy, yes that one
Mandy, yes that one
1 year ago

You’d think The Incredibles would have an articulated bus!!!