PHOTOS: “The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast” FastPass Machines Revealed at Tokyo Disneyland

It’s sure a busy time here at Tokyo Disneyland. Just this week, we’ve seen the unwrapped ride vehicles for The Happy Ride with Baymax out as well as the facade for The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast!

Today, we took another peek around Belle’s Village and saw the FastPass machines were out again under Maurice’s house. Let’s take a closer look together!

As we’ve previously shared, Maurice’s House at the entrance of Belle’s Village will serve as the FastPass distribution area for The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast. We’ve peeked over a couple of times but only once before have we seen the machines out.

Using zoom lenses, we can get a closer peek at these incredible machines. They appear to be inventions of Maurice’s, with a metal outer structure that looks like it’s barely held together. Pretty realistic for a basement invention if you’d ask me.

The upper plaques feature a goat and chicken with different directions of arrows and the word “nourriture,” which means “food” in French. I wonder if these arrows will move when someone gets a FastPass? There’s also a neat little “bucket” below where FastPasses come out. It almost looks like it’s overflowing with something?

I think these machines are incredibly well-done. It’s a shame that like the beautiful machines for Soaring: Fantastic Flight at Tokyo DisneySea, they’ll probably be out for all of 10 minutes every day before being wrapped up. Plus most Guests at Tokyo Disney Resort now use Digital FastPass via the official TDR app. But even so, seeing the little things like this make me so excited for the actual attraction!

What about you? Are you visiting Tokyo Disneyland in 2020? Are you excited for The Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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1 year ago

Is it true they have an app with fastpass links but it’s only available in Japanese

1 year ago

Is it true there is an app with fastpass selections but it’s only in Japanese? Is there a way for a non speaker to access the app based fastpass system?

Tom Corless
1 year ago
Reply to  Kelly

Yes and yes, it’s not easy, but you cab